Chicken broth: more benefit or harm?

Most people believe that the chicken broth health benefits. If about the usefulness of meat, many are beginning to have doubts, then the meat broths are still popular. This is somewhat surprising, because in fact, meat broth to the human body even more harmful than the same myaso.Itak, what is their risk? Let’s start with the fact that, as a warm chicken (as, indeed, any other meat) broth is so quickly absorbed by the intestines, the liver in capacity does not have time to process it is passed to the mass of meat from the broth extracts. The result is that they are in the form of undigested poisons, bypassing the liver and circulate throughout the body and does not have a very good effect on the internal organs. [Cut] There is a widespread belief that chicken soup helps cure the common cold (and other diseases). This opinion is erroneous. Bouillon, despite the fact that it is well absorbed, is sufficiently heavy product to the human body, especially for recovering as meat broth to pass all the harmful chemicals. It is much better in this case to use vegetable broth. It should take into account the fact that in recent times there are cases when the meat contains various chemicals (used to increase the weight of animals). These chemicals are dangerous to human health, especially children, when cooking meat also goes into the broth. Thus, the antibiotic tetracycline after thirty minutes of cooking chicken remained in the muscles in the form of traces, and in another 30 minutes passed completely into the broth. No comment. The widespread use of antibiotics in poultry production contributes to the pathogenic strains that threaten the health of the consumer. Meanwhile, the scope of antibiotics consumed continuously expanding, and increasing the number of mutated viruses. Such a conclusion was a scientist Kirk Smith (Minnesota).

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