Children in Poland poorest in Europe: Report of UNICEF


These data must shake the government. According to a recent report by UNICEF in Poland more than a million children live in poverty, and nearly 1.3 million do not have access to basic goods, three meals a day or two pairs of shoes a year! In this comparison, Poland was ranked only 24th out of 29 countries surveyed! — The question of the prevention of child poverty should be a priority for policy makers — says Eva Falkovskaya representing UNICEF Poland.

Polish children are among the poorest in Europe. Worse than they live only by their peers from Bulgaria and Romania. From the point of view of the basic needs of 21% of our children do not have access to, inter alia, to a daily meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner), vegetables, fruits, and developing new clothes edukatsionnyh games.

In such a situation, children are Mrs. Glory Michalak (31 years old) and her muzha Christopher (28 years). Family with David (age 7), Natalka (10 years) and Bartek (12 years old) lives in an old house falling apart in Siedlce. They occupy 29 square meters.

— There is no question that we were able to eat better. After payment of utility bills money is only a very modest life. It happens that we have nothing except the buns and bread. Not to mention things to do — says with tears in her eyes, Mrs. Glory. The only entertainment of my children is a game for unsightly yard near the house.

UNICEF warns — in children who suffer from poverty, problems in school, they have limited access to health care. Many of them later in life will require the assistance of social care.

We are at the tail of all European countries.
Percentage of children living in poverty:

1 — 0.9% Iceland

2 -1.3% Sweden

3 -1.9% Norway

4 — 2.5% Finland

5 2.6% Denmark


24-20,9% POLAND

25-27,4% Portugal

26-31,8% Latvia

27-31,9% Hungary

28-56,6% Bulgaria

29-72,6% Romania

Source: … cef_260587.html

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