Children in the United States were more likely to be abused

The number of cases of child abuse increased by 5% between 1997 and 2009. This conclusion was the largest hospital of the United States, carefully analyzing the children's complaints to the emergency room.

At the highest risk are babies under the age of one year. They were admitted to the hospital with head injuries and fractures by 11% more than fifteen years ago. And maimed children, as a rule, parents, older brothers and sisters, as well as a nurse.

In addition, children are much more likely to die as a result of the beatings. In 1997, 100 thousand minors had 0.25% of the deaths, in 2009 there was already 0.36%.

New statistics made public hospitals to run counter to a number of non-profit research organizations. Recent argued that cases of child abuse has decreased by 55% over the last decade. Now, employees of the Department of Health (DOH) are trying to figure out how the organization could so badly wrong.

The main causes of child abuse are the same. This is a mental illness, alcohol and drug abuse, as well as problems of adults in personal and professional life. Also, researchers have found that the majority of federal programs to protect minors from violence did not bring the desired result.

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