Children’s homes in the Ivanovo region filled with 30-50% of the target


The meeting of the Government of the Ivanovo region on March 19 was devoted to measures of state policy in the sphere of protection of orphans and children left without parental care.

As noted by the Deputy Prime Minister Olga Khasbulatova, in recent years the priority of the complex social sphere was a device orphaned children in the family. Significant progress has been made: Now in 74.5% of orphans live in homes. Children at home (and there are in the region of 15) are filled with 30-50% of its planned capacity. 
"We constantly hear how other regions in such a situation report about closure of children’s homes — said Olga Khasbulatova. — However, we do not plan such a measure. On the basis of children’s homes, we plan to establish centers for work with foster children, children’s art centers, as well as social hotels for orphans who have reached the age of majority, but not homeless. "
The overall situation in the region relatively prosperous. As the head of the regional department of social welfare Irina Ermis, over the past five years, the number of orphaned children left without parental care has decreased by 15% (In the Russian Federation as a whole — by 9%), and The number of detected children left without parental care, decreased by 39% (In the Russian Federation — 29%). If five years ago identified annually about 1,000 children who had to withdraw from their families, now — about 600.

"But in any case it is a huge figure, and we intend to work on its abbreviation, — said Irina Ermis. — Now we are applying the technology of "support case", the introduction of technology, social contracts, helping families with signs of distress to his feet. In the past year, the situation has improved in 73% of families, support which we have been. "
According to the practice of the Department of Social Protection, the largest number of dysfunctional families today revealed in the rural areas, the least — in Ivanovo.
In addition, the department aims to reduce the number of abandoned babies (at least from 4.9 to 4.3 per 1,000 children).

Every year in the Ivanovo region passed to the family of about 800 children. However, today in the regional data base is 1,092 children in need of a family unit. These are children who already difficult to arrange in the family: 72% of them — teenagers, 15.5% — children with disabilities. The vast majority of children who have been adopted into families in 2012 — children up to three years without any health problems. There are now in the database, only 8%.

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