Children’s Railway was longer

July 12, 2011. Small October Railway yesterday was longer than 10 kilometers. For the first time in Russian children’s railway has received the second branch — at the other end of town.

For the first time specifically for the children’s railway has been designed and built a new locomotive TU-10. Alice Magluy was the first of a new locomotive engineer, who was named "Hummingbird"

The project to build the children’s railway appeared in Leningrad Pioneer Palace before the war, but to build a track from Ozerkov to the Old Village was only by 1948. Small October Railway existed for almost half a century, but in the 1960s it began to shorten as they build on the outskirts of the city, and now remained only two kilometers of tracks and two stations — Young Black-headed and siding.

Departure of the same name is now on a new branch of the Small October Railway length of 10 kilometers, which connected the metro station "Kupchino" (train station "Youth") and the town of Pushkin ("Tsar’s Village"). It is noteworthy that part of the route passed through embankments, which were constructed more for the first in Russia Tsarskoye Selo railway. St. Petersburg authorities have taken the stem from the construction of engineering networks and the provision of land for multi-cultural children‘s entertainment complex. The very same construction and equipping of a new branch took two years and cost $ 1.4 million rubles.

— This is a lot of money, but compared with the education of future generations greater the potential that we will be getting — the head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin.

He recalled that the project aims not only vocational guidance the students but also the social adaptation of adolescents. Thus, the ability to engage in circles and sections MOZHD have children from disadvantaged children from children’s homes — free not only classes, but the shape and dinners for small railroad. For four years — on MOZHD take from 5 to 9 class — students are gone from scapegoat to locomotive driver, but do not only learn the basics of the profession, but also the ability to work hard to achieve results, work in a team. Every year MOZHD engaged about 650 people, about 80 percent of the graduates ‘school train’ then come into a profession. However, those who are currently sent to the station "Tsarskoye Selo" the first train on the new thread, the final choice has not yet done so.

— Maybe I’ll train driver — hesitantly said one of the boys dressed in brand new — gray with red — rail shape.

It is worth noting that the word "child" in the name of the railway reflects the age of its employees, but all systems and equipment are fully grown. Some of them are a little bit old, but on Russian railways are still in use, and therefore on their MOZHD yet decided to leave. Just like the "old" thread in the ponds, to former inmates of children’s railroad did not have to travel too far. A new branch will continue to evolve. St. Petersburg authorities have promised full support to this project.

For the record:

Today, the system of "Russian Railways" operate 25 children’s railways.
Small October Railway — the only center of vocational guidance for railway professions students of St. Petersburg and its suburbs.
The new track is laid on Small October Tsarskoye Selo railway embankment, which began the history of Russian railways. The length of the new route is 10 kilometers away. According to the newly built road will go and new rolling stock. On 12 July 2011 the residents and guests of St. Petersburg will be given the opportunity in the summer to ride on the train "Hummingbird" served by inmates MOZHD.

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