Children write to God

The heroes of the book were children 6 to 10 years. Author Michael Smokes invited students to write a letter to God, asking for something or just talk. In response, it was more than 3 thousand messages. What came out of it, read on!

Hello, God. How are you doing? How are you? How is your health?

Jack, 2 cl.

When izdevaniya run out on me in class?

Tonya, 4 cl.

If thou wilt build end of the world, who are you to be praying?

Peter, 4 cl.

What You’re punishing the good people?

Folio, 3 cl. [Cut]

Actually, I do not believe in you. Tell me, why do not people vizhut you?

Jura, 2 cl.

Who is blowing in the wind?

Alex, 1 cl.

A blue sky, Lord, this is when you have a good mood?

Nadia, 3 cl.

Where does the time? In the gray hair?

Julia, 3 cl.

People suffer so much in the world, really in thy hell worse?

Radik, 4 cl.

And other countries you serve?

Shreds, 3 cl.

Lemonade — it’s child’s vodka?

Anton, 1 cl.

Well, well, Lord, parents stork brought me, and for him who makes us?

Oleg, 3 cl.

Why do people get married and get married, if we are all brothers and sisters?

Sandra, 4 cl.

And what is your education?

Zajga, 2 cl.

How do you suppose that compassionate: "Give for the sake of Christ" or "Apply for God’s sake?"

Boris, 3 cl.

I understand that you are the most important in the world, even though you live in the sky. A You do not re-elected?

Hsien, 1 cl.

Lord, You are my mother listened to as a child?

Nina, 2 cl.

What do you do when there is rain?

Luba, 3 cl.

And in my childhood You fought with the guys or was meek?

Kostya, 2 cl.

I Love You, of course, I do, but my mom and dad anymore. It does?

Zoe, 3 cl.

I can not die, right?

Julia, 1 cl.

But the candles in the church are selling — is Your Business?

Shreds, 2 cl.

And when my mom bought me something tasty, You are hinting towards her?

Gal, 1 cl.

When the world will end in Latvia?

Valera, 3 cl.

I have read that Christ is a Jew, but he’s your son, so that — You too Jewish?

Asya, 2 cl.

My God, you even know my new address?

Lala, 1 cl.

Since when can a person be considered an adult? When he is not afraid of injections or when she asks him like?

Marik, 3 cl.

Why Jesus Christ died for sinners?

Sasha, 4 cl.

Tell me, O Lord, how I behave in society?

Alyosha, 1 cl.

Why in the spring when you turn on the evening star in the sky and you blow on the earth, and the warm wind around quietly, sometimes I want to cry?

Natasha, 2 cl.

A democracy is when one has everything, and others — all the rest?

Gera, 3 cl.

Like this: for all the will of God? And in the summer, and on my mother’s illness, and war?

Marat, 2 cl.

Why are we here?

Alla, 2 cl.

But when a person dies, who decides where to send it: to hell or to heaven?

Indra, 3 cl.

How old are you, Lord? ‘

Valya, 2 cl.

Would you like to be ours?

Sam, 3 cl.

Do you like what’s going on in the world?

Andrew, 4 cl.

We have cut the trees in the park. When I asked why they did, they explained to me that they grow better. It turns out that if I do not go to the barber shop, you will not grow, grow, grow old, and — do not die?

Serge, 3 cl.

This is exactly what all the legends about you true?

Gal, 3 cl.

Catholics is one God, the Muslims — the other, the Jews — the third, in lyuteryan — the fourth, the Orthodox — the fifth. How many of you are there?

Igor, 4 cl.

Well, Christ suffered for the sake of the people, and for which people suffer?

Gregory, Class 4.

Lord, where is Christ, what does he do?

Stella, 2 cl.

And when the Earth shoot Did not you hear me, Lord?

Valera, 2 cl.

Christ Your Son. And he loves thee as a father?

Rita, 3 cl.

Why do people fall in love with at first, and then quietly weep?

Andrew, 4 cl.

Well, the first couple of people in the world you created. And how did the third person?

Vladik, 4 cl.

Why does the world without tenderness?

Lena, 1 cl.

Do you have a mind and you all are composed of the soul?

Jack, 3 cl.

But the first to give birth to men — remember rib of Adam and Eve. What you did not like it and you shouldered such work on women?

Zoe, 4 cl.

You write in the Bible that in the beginning was the word. What?

Ruslan, 1 cl.

From what creature appeared cat?

Lena, 3 cl.

You do not know if my parents will reconcile?

Katia, 2 cl.

You all right there?

Artem, 1 cl.

What do I do, my body can not long rest from food?

Claudius, 4 cl.

You forgive my sin, it is necessary first to sin?

Peter, 1 cl.

What is the first thing Jesus did when resurrected?

Olya, 3 cl.

Why beggars asking for alms at the church, so that you noted, who gives?

Ira, 2 cl.

A person can not eat meat, and cakes?

Misha, 3 cl.

Dear God, You are my soul and put my or someone else’s?

Stasik, 2 cl.

So, if I understand correctly the evolution, you created Adam and Eve, and a further man evolved from apes?

Sergey, 3 cl.

Why all men should love thee?

Igor, 4 cl.

Why are you helping one, and I do not?

Alex, 2 cl.

And thy angels go to school?

John, 1st class.

Why is there evil in the world?

Lena, 2 cl.

Dear God, and if given a bite "Snickers" — this is love?

Paradise, 2 cl.

Why did you have the day off?

Nastya, 2 cl.

How many years did you older than the Earth?

Paradise, 1st class.

Well, why am I so easily?

Yasha, 2 cl.

And how air flows?

Boris, 2 cl.

And to the other planets you have no irritation?

Andrew, 2 cl.

Why the world is round?

Oleg, 2 cl.

As dying day? Old age?

Loew 3 cells.

Let’s talk man to man. Lenka you my love? If "no," why have you made sure that all the time I look at it, if "yes" — why did she not look at me?

Vova, 4 cl.

Why would a person to grow over the years, and then bam — and he’s already dead?

Bob, 2 cl.

Lord, you actually have?

Alexander, 2 cl.

As you live in the sky? Do all you got? Maybe we should?

Zina, 3 cl.

Why all the mothers cry?

Kohl, 2 cl.

And I really?

Luba, 3 cl.

What can you do in life, so that my mother did not beat me?

Lenya, 2 cl.

What are you afraid of people seem?

Nema 4 cl.

How do you live there: good, average, poor or suck?

Alla, 4 cl.

So why do people release gases into the atmosphere and spoil the horizon?

Robert, 3 cl.

Why is in the second grade, many boys are zhenolyubtsy?

Nadia, 2 cl.

It is this world going to end and the other begin?

Garik, 3 cl.

Why do you live in the sky?

Tolia, 2 cl.

Can you give me a mind and intelligence?

Fyodor, 3 cl.

Why are you so — first the bad, and the next day — brilliant?

Olya, 2 cl.

You do not know where my dad’s favorite?

Diana, 2 cl.

How do you think we will have the normal world, or not?

Light, 3 cl.

Why was I born?

Marik 3kl.

Dear God, that I was in the back?

Alex, 1kl.

Until several years, I’d be afraid storm?

Osya 2 cl.

When the love in the world?

Kate, 4 cl.

Can you give me a chance and an inflatable boat?

Arvid, 3 cl.

You do not know why on earth is this injustice?

Ira, 4 cl.

Do you have the beginning and the end of the cosmos, the right and left side, top and bottom?

Vanya, 1 cl.

And what were you planning the future of BC?

Alexander, 1st class.

Why the school did not get a scholarship?

Jack, 2 cl.

You created the whole world?

Lena, 1 cl.

Why me no friends?

Anton, 4 cl.

And as you came into the world?

Alyosha, 1 cl.

Why do you suppose, that killing animals?

Arkady, 2 cl.

As it is, before, when there was nothing? But something did happen?

Nastya, 1 cl.

Maybe I can help you with something?

Light, 2 cl.

Tell you a secret, somebody loves me?

Anzor, 3 cl.

If you live in the sky, why the sun does not burn thee?

Sergey, 4 cl.

Where are you watching us?

Ruslan, 2 cl.

Why is my all-all things are bad?

Jura, 2 cl.

Dear God, how I need to live?

Olya, 1 cl.

And the Bible is all true?

Vick, 3 cl.

And how you are different from men’s feminine soul? According to the pussy?

Vova, 3 cl.

What was the first Adam and Eve or dinosaurs?

Ian, 4 cl.

Why do we age?

Shura, 3 cl.

How I finish classes and how I live?

Anatoly, 4 cl.

Why do I get up and pulls something bad? It’s you I feel?

Pasha, 3 cl.

Why is everything so expensive?

Loew, class 3

Is it true that the Greek myths were real?

Vladik, 3 cl.

You can do so people did not have accidents?

Frets, 2 cl.

If a person is born sinful, what the child more angel or devil?

Irina, 3 cl.

What you did my dad, that was a lucky?

Vita, 3 cl.

What is in my soul, good or bad?

Olga, 3 cl.

Why did you want to create the earth?

Andrew, 4 cl.

Why You watch us?

Philip, 1 cl.

You’re good, but why it is necessary that people have begged you, ‘Do this, it’s gone.

Natasha, 4 cl.

Do you know what a shame to be poor for anything?

Irakli, 4 cl.

And as you become all-powerful?

Ira, 1 cl.

All the people you see?

Valentin, 2 cl.

What I do not have you to be proud of me?

Alyosha, 4 cl.

Well, now you have created a second time a person?

Oleg, 3 cl.

I have no bad habits. What do I shine?

Robert, 4 cl.

Could you give me excel in their studies?

Anya, 3 cl.

Lord, let’s be friends?

Fyodor, 1 cl.

On Earth as much misery and suffering to the people was not a pity to die?

Igor, 4 cl.

Why on earth you all make?

Adik, 4 cl.

What is a man?

Oleg, 4 cl.

Do you go to our world?

Sasha, 3 cl.

What would you put me marks for life?

Arkady, 2 cl.

Oh, Lord, why I’m so arranged?

Alla, 3 cl.

It cuts out a storm you?

Asya, 2 cl.

As you all can see one at a time?

Stasik, 2 cl.

You have given the people of the disease for injections?

Osya 2 cl.

As I live, that everything in the world to be happy?

Lisa, 2 cl.

What if people do not like you, but afraid of?

Ruslan, 2 cl.

Where to go shadows?

Tonya, 3 cl.

Why have you created this world, Do not you realize that there is such zamorochka?

Marina, 4 cl.

Who has advised You behave with people?

Tanya, 3 cl.

Lord, when my mother would eat normally and become healthy? And when my mother’s mother would not curse my father’s father and my father’s mother no longer wish us to death?

Kohl, 4 cl.

What is the life, and if needed, why do people die?

Kostya, 2 cl.

Why do I need on the planet Earth?

Oleg, 2 cl.

As my dad now lives?

Grisha, 2 cl.

Why do we have such a dog’s life at home, that no cat will not catch on?

Andrew, 4 cl.

And the aliens, too, will the world end?

Loew, 2 cl.

I’ll go if I’d ever by clouds and the clouds?

Lena, 2 cl.

When I was smarter?

Boris, 3 cl.

Why do we heal the wounds, and you do not?

Denis, 4 cl.

What a life the most-last number?

Light, 4 cl.

And study — it’s good, bad or average?

Val, 3 cl.

How do you think I’m a good boy?

Gosh, 2 cl.

Well, how much a pound is dashing?

Sasha, 2 cl.

What would be the world if Adam and Eve had not disturb your order on apples?

Valentin, 4 cl.

I would like to know in advance that You planned: another flood or earth will burn fire flame?

Kirill, 4 cl.

In various books You describe in different ways. Where to get Your photo card. Though antediluvian?

Paradise, 3 cl.

Why do people learn cruelty?

Sasha, 2 cl.

How would dobozhitsya to you?

Jura, 2 cl.

But the devil, Baba Yaga, brownie, fairies — this is from your world or human?

Anya, 3 cl.

I was born and looked, and the world is so wicked, cruel.

Andrew, 4 cl.

What you do not like in our lives?

Slavik, 2 cl.

Maybe there you sad?

Sofa, 1 cl.

Do you like my grandfather?

Ella, 2 cl.

How long shall live my cat Puma?

Stasik, 2 cl.

Why I’m learning so bad? Maybe it’s the teacher?

Gene, 3 cl.

This thou hast sent rain, so he watered the heat?

Paradise, 4 cl.

Why are animals used to say, and now do not know how? Well, remember, even the serpent spoke to Eve.

Eva, 3 cl.

Why did you major human on Earth?

Oleg, 4 cl.

And if all people go to heaven, a place where all will suffice?

Andrew, 3 cl.

Someone else’s soul is darkness? For you, too?

Yasha, 2 cl.

What in hell and that heaven?

Sasha, 1 cl.

You do not know when I’m big, I’ll be a good girl or not?

Katya, 3 cl.

Where buried treasure?

Marina, 3 cl.

Why, when you will offend someone, the mood is spoiled, and when you forgive someone, it becomes joy?

Alla, 3 cl.

What kind of trouble dokrichitsya to you?

Natasha, 2 cl.

It is true that before you people were monkeys?

Sergey, 4 cl.

Why a man?

Alex, 3 cl.

Why You’re sending to Earth disaster?

Ivan, 2 cl.

Do you ever laugh? Crying?

Olga, 3 cl.

Who am I in the world?

Borja, 1 Cl.

What on Earth anymore — good or evil?

Gal, 2 cl.

I would live a little longer?

Gene, 1 cl.

And atheists ask you something?

Ojārs, 3 cl.

Where you selish souls of the dead and how you they differ?

Alex, 4 cl.

And we are not toys Yours?

Sasha, 2 cl.

Why does not hatch from an egg?

Tim, 2 cl.

Why do people die for nothing?

Nadia, 3 cl.

So who created man: work, or are you?

Rafik, 3 cl.

Why do you forgive all the people, and teachers — no?

Kostya, 2 cl.

Why do we age?

Elijah, 3 cl.

Father God, why hast thou to many people as a stepfather?

Victor, 2 cl.

Why do so many people have such non-solar?

Arina, 3 cl.

If I’m going to hell, you’ll see me out there and you will see how to mock me?

Hleb, 3 cl.

How well do I end my life?

Nikita, 2 cl.

There you have beautiful or not?

Serge, 2 cl.

How to secure money?

Kohl, 2 cl.

Are you happy?

Evelyn, 1 cl.

Time — what is this?

Nina, 3 cl.

What treats you like?

Nonna, 2 cl.

What language is spoken of the soul?

Paradise, 4 cl.

Why do you give life and take it away can anyone?

Roman, 3 cl.

That’s when I was not there, you know what I’m going?

Lenya 4 cells.

And it is impossible not to be born?

Light, 2 cl.

What should be done with the animal, so they are in heaven with us?

Egon, 3 cl.

If I have something hurts, it means you angry with me?

Gogh, 4 cl.

Why, when dad comes home from work, the house once darkness falls?

Artem, 3 cl.

Why I’m afraid of all the boys?

Alina, 1 cl.

You created man in His own image and likeness, and the alien?

Zoe, 4 cl.

Why is the moon so pockmarked?

Oksana, 3 cl.

And it was not with you this: someone you cute, but he’s not looking in your direction?

Olya, 3 cl.

Why, when you love, like everything, even scrambled eggs?

Steve, 2 cl.

How much time I will make mistakes in love? Three times already.

Jura, 2 cl.

Can you make people to be cultured, and it is difficult to talk to them?

Sergey, 3 cl.

What brand of car do you drive? Divine?

Kuzma, 4 cl.

Not harmful to fruit from the cemetery?

Uldis, 2 cl.

Glory to you live does not stop?

Bob, 3 cl.

Why You’re punishing the good people?

Fedor, 4 cl.

For which I was born ugly?

Kate, 4 cl.

If the person is laughing in his sleep, that angels play with him?

Asya, 3 cl.

Do not be boring you always right?

Armen, 2 cl.

How many believers among the believers?

Zoe, 4 cl.

Why do you turn away from me?

Anya, 3 cl.

My mother said that I was crying in his sleep. You do not remember what we talked?

Igor, 3 cl.

The love you have given to people, that they were suffering?

Asya, 2 cl.

It is true that there are no dead for thee?

Lada, 3 cl.

Why have you made the roses and thorns in them? Maybe all the great pricked?

Zina, 3 cl.

Why You created the world so that when mom tear pantyhose, she’s crying?

Vita, 2 cl.

When I’m gone, I’ll see myself?

Shreds, 2 cl.

Where to sleep dreams?

Alex, 2 cl.

Why did you erase the morning sky with the stars?

Olya, 4 cl.

Do not put happiness to all people?

Arakdy, 3 cl.

Why did we come into this life of another life?

Ruslan, 2 cl.

And the moon You have people fall in love?

Alla, 2 cl.

Why do you believe in you midst of nature better than in the city?

Andrew, 3 cl.

Yesterday I read that the newspaper had died. Where are you going her soul?

Sasha, 4 cl.

Why do you need us to invent?

Gal, 3 cl.

How to make the world a feat to get into heaven?

Gregory, Class 4.

Can you at least have something to weep?

Sam, 4 cl.

How to become a memory?

Misha, 4 cl.

You are the director of weather?

Nonna, 2 cl.

I strongly disgrace thee?

Vova, 4 cl.

It is possible, I would sometimes dream about you?

Valera, 3 cl.

Can a child be enough for a lifetime?

Mark, 1 cl.

In what way are you staying?

Eric, 4 cl.

A summer nature you doing better than the autumn. Or turn off the rain.

Ian, 3 cl.

O Lord, send me to the idea of resurrection, as three dollars to six. Only about we borrow it from someone else — do not send. This idea I like you already applied for the first three dollars.

Alex, 4 cl.

Do, please, so that after the death of our entire family, we in the world to be together. My mother without us and in heaven will be hell.

Sasha, 4 cl.

Make it so that it’s summer forever.

Jora, 4 cl.

Give me hope.

Zorik, 4 cl.

Please include the sun, and then we cut off home heating and grandmother cold.

Paradise, 3 cl.

Last week we went to class new. He is, like that. So until last week, my days of life does not count.

Oksana, 3 cl.

You would turn me into the machine. Nothing to do, just to get money.

Fyodor, 2 cl.

I would ask you for affection.

Normunds, 2 cl.

Please send me is not present at Raika Stulova.

Frets, 2 cl.

Let us make so that you always lived in abundance, that you have a nice house and lots of money. And remember, God, who is all you wanted.

Dima, 3 cl.

I would like you to respect me.

Jeanne, 3 cl.

Do, Lord, that in all the basements and containers bums were accurate.

Eleanor, 4 cl.

I know, O Lord, that I should ask you all well, not only for themselves but also for others. But do so, so I returned the pencil case, because it is very sorry for the green handle.

Sofa, 3 cl.

Help me after school to enroll in higher education.

Kostya, 4 cl.

Dear God, I beg you, do so, so, from my grandmother and ending with the elephants, all were happy, well fed and shod.

Tonya, 2 cl.

Dear God, may I live as long as my mother wants.

Faith, 1 cl.

Make it so that our school was long and hard.

Irakli, 2 cl.

Help me, please, do well in school life.

Vera, 1 cl.

Give health, happiness, mother, grandmother, uncle Federation, Uncle Sasha, Uncle Borya and my other dads.

Nikita, 2 cl.

You created the earth and make it so that people do not destroy it.

Rodion, 2 cl.

I recently stole thirty five centimes. Make it so that the one who stole them, lost them, and I would have found it. He, of course, howl, howl complain you have destiny, and we will know who the thief. And then we’ll hit him with you for a sin.

Your Oleg, 4 cl.

Lord, I thank you for all that you did to me before. But help me now. My dad planted for anything in prison, and now he sits 8 months. I look forward to it all the time. If I had the chance, I would have him freed. I beg you, help me. This is the biggest request. Then I bother you never will. Even if you happen to die.

Ira, 4 cl.

I would ask my parents crazy, and they do not understand me at all.

Nadia, 3 cl.

More life, O Lord!

Misha, 3 cl.

I’d like you to be my dad. The car would be bought. "Audi 100".

Valentin, 4 cl.

I would ask you, please be love and patience.

Ostap, 1 cl.

Order the Victor, so he did not fight.

Artem, 3 cl.

I want all people to live happily and all the children are well behaved and the parents were not bandits.

Jack, 2 cl.

Well, send me a bag of money. After commandment is: You shall love your neighbor, it will return to you a hundredfold. Calculate how much you will earn on it.

Shura, 4 cl.

Give me a magic wand and I’ll leave from you.

Garik, 2 cl.

Make it so that all inferior to each other.

Mila, 3 cl.

I want the whole world to live together. Fought. I do not want war. Well, all right, move on to the good. I want to be rich. Amen.

Steve, 4 cl.

Let me obey their parents.

Alyosha, 2 cl.

I would like to live a good, even very good.

Beyonce, 3 cl.

Dear God, I’d love to study hard and do not cry.

Uhl, 4 cl.

Help me, dear, in the gloom and doom.

Eugene, 3 cl.

I do not want Irene sat with me. Amen.

Tosya, 2 cl.

Come to me, dear God, the kitty. And so everyone called her cat Bob.

Nelly, 3 cl.

I ask you, dear God, do so, so that my mother had never eaten a tablet.

Lucy, 3 cl.

I want to have peace on earth, I want that all was well, I do, so I went to the third grade, I want to speed bicycle and a toilet.

Edward, 2 cl.

I have long thought to ask you. Maybe a dog? Then he decided, why bother you for nothing. It is necessary to ask something very important. So, want my mom comes home from work is always cheerful and kind.

Kate, 4kl.

I want, that in my youth I lived well and happy, and old age can only be happy.

Faith, 3 cl.

I wish that there were no cars, buses, and all transports. And it’s always warm, light and clean.

Dima, 3 cl.

Arrange so that I studied brilliantly.

Paradise, 4 cl.

Please make life easier.

Paul, 4 cl.

Actually, I have wanted to ask a lot of things. Well, for one, do not learn.

Maxim, 4 cl.

Dear God, make it so that the hands and feet were always clean.

Boris, 2 cl.

Show me quietly at least one angel.

Paradise, 2 cl.

Device, please, that I gave to old pocket money.

Oleg, 2 cl.

Div over Chernobolyu radiation.

Oksana, 3 cl.

Let no one in the world has never cried.

Asya 1 cl.

Give me back my mother.

Roman, 1st class.

Make it so that the second life, I was born in France boy.

Kira, 4 cl.

Let me fall in love with the one who I like, and I followed it for a long time to marry her.

Bob, 2 cl.

Take care of my future. Please.

Shura, 3 cl.

Do it so that when I dabble, let me not scold myself because I dabble in the fun.

Sasha, 4 cl.

Forgive all who have not been baptized, and along with me.

Philip, 3 cl.

Make it so that the world has broken all the weapons.

Kostya, 4 cl.

Lord, I do not want to die in pain.

Tanya, 4 cl.

Give me some toy dog breeds.

Gene, 3 cl.

It would be nice to have my dad had a business.

Edward, 1st class.

Dear dear God, take me back here so boring.

Bob, 2 cl.

Make it so that I was gifted in all directions.

Sasha, 3 cl.

Take me to heaven.

Jack, 2 cl.

I beg you to do so that my mother always gave my father the change.

Igor, 2 cl.

I would like to ask you? Yes You yourself know everything.

Alex, 4 cl.

I would like a lot of days without tears.

Kostya, 2 cl.

I have good grades.

Arkady, 4 cl.

Izumi me, O Lord.

Arthur, 3 cl.

It is said that a person returns to earth in the form of someone. Do, please, so that I came back to earth in the sight of my dog, and she saw me and we’ll be together again.

Alyosha, 4 cl.

Arrange my life long and ridiculous.

Olga, 2 cl.

I want to Earth, who created you, not the people.

Andrew, 4 cl.

I would like to ask you a bike and go to Moscow to live.

Sergey, 4 cl.

Do all you can, and if so, do so, so I have all turned out.

Igor, 3 cl.

When I die, I do not want either to heaven or hell. I want to You.

Faith, 3 cl.

Evaporator my sins.

Shreds, 3 cl.

Meet me to death.

Jura, 2 cl.

Do it, so mom and dad made it up. Dear God, help me, I give up smoking.

Jura, 3 cl.

I ask not for myself, for humanity. Do, please, so that everyone in the world lived at least 11 years longer than it should.

Arthur, 2 cl.

‘ve Had people die peacefully and happily.

Julia, 2 cl.

Let my father and grandfather become angels — they will protect me.

Jack, 1 cl.

I want business life.

Jora, 2 cl.

Please show me around the world.

Alla, 2 cl.

Give me 1000000000000000000 dollars.

Eric, 4 cl.

Let my teacher teaches me forever.

Radik, 3 cl.

I would like to become a magician. Weak?

Andrew, 1 cl.

Give me, please, happy family.

Radion, 3 cl.

Show me how you love me.

Erna, 2 cl.

Do not frown on people.

Jura, 3 cl.

I would like to get to your house for a visit. For a week.

Allen, 1 cl.

Let the people do not kill other people.

Oleg, 1 cl.

You wrote Anton. If possible, created to my favorite toys come to life.

Anton, 2 cl.

Make it so that the family Andronov never died.

Yasha Andronov, 2 cl.

In one book I read a poem that you sent the crow a piece of cheese. Can not you send me too? I really like it.

Vovk, 2 cl.

Rodi me sister, and then my brother bored.

Luba, 2 cl.

I want to ask you nevorchlivuyu girl.

Bob, 3 cl.

Take me to my Russian.

Pavlik, 2 cl.

Give my parents in my childhood, I have been friends with her mother and stepfather people marked.

Gosh, 4 cl.

You know, dear God, I’d like to have a friend in the shape of a cat.

Dima, 3 cl.

I would like to see my birthday was not once a year, and five. Not because of the gifts. Just more time I would see my dad.

Nina, 2 cl.

Let all those to whom I will look, smile.

Tim, 2 cl.

I want a quiet, tranquil old age.

Jura, 1 cl.

That I was eating ice cream, and it does not end.

Dima, 2 cl.

So guys do not hurt, and adults — be touched.

Shura, 2 cl.

To my mother did not fight when she wants.

Vladik, 1 cl.

Make it so that my kanapushki disappeared.

Gal, 3 cl.

Dear dear God, I lost my wallet. I do not need anything, just Podkin eight centimes.

Arvid, 3 cl.

Let go, please, on New Year’s grandmother to me.

Paradise, 2 cl.

Give me eternal bliss in this world.

Andrew, 3 cl.

When I see you for the first time, O Lord, that I will not ask for anything. You just think, what a humble boy, and give me a "Mercedes".

Aton, 4 cl.

You promised to protect the weak, resentful, something I do not feel it.

Roma, 3 cl.

I want, that I had wings.

Yvon, 1 cl.

So that when I go to the store, I was there to give the correct change.

Hsien, 2 cl.

Make it so that I had a squirrel. I’d played with her kids in the circus before.

Maxim, 4 cl.

When my dog is gone from the earth, and take it for myself. You’re going to have a real friend. Writing and displays it in the poop seven, eats it all, do not yell at her, she can bite.

Jora, 2 cl.

Lord, give me at least something for the sake of Christ.

Anton, 1 cl.

Came to earth his son. We do not crucify him.

Pavlik, 3 cl.

I really want the kids of the shelters found a new, cozy parents.

Dasha, 4 cl.

To do to all the poor was a bakery.

Nadia, 1 cl.

I would like a lot of money, health and trudolyubimosti.

Ruslan, 3 cl.

Not counted in the life of the time spent on prayer. It is necessary to think.

Janis, 3 cl.

Give me, please, pregnant doll, then 9 months I will have a doll and kuklyata.

Masha, 2 cl.

I really want my dad back to us. And so he did not cry and did not swear. And if you will scream, you numb it. With dumb even better.

Rustam, 4 cl.

I would really like to have my family were.

Nahum 3 cells.

Reveal us.

Vova, 4 cl.

Share kindness to all people.

Katia, 2 cl.

Think me a good life partner.

Masha, 3 cl.

To me it was always 16 years.

Loew, 2 cl.

Arrange the greatest summer.

Gal, 2 cl.

Do, please, so that people do not die, and there would be no mosquitoes.

Alex, 3 cl.

Dear God, the Creator, so that the sky flashed faces grandparents and they smiled at me.

Kira, 4 cl.

Give me a life.

Stasik, 1 cl.

I would ask of thee shoes.

Sasha, 2 cl.

Find please Wolf — Anatoly Papanova, Winnie-the-Pooh — Yevgeny Leonov and Leopold — Andrei Mironov and tell them that we love them.

Osya 4 cells.

Make it so that a person at birth were given spare parts: feet, hands, pussy and other vital organs.

Jura, 3 cl.

Save me from the Day of Judgment.

Misha, 2 cl.

I want you to be my good.

Nastya, 2 cl.

I want to lie down on a cloud.

Shreds, 2 cl.

To be healthy I am, parrot and mom and dad.

Tosya, 2 cl.

I want you to live on Earth.

Anton, 3 cl.

I would like to ask you to have an aquarium with fish-angel.

Rodion, 3 cl.

I want, that all people have a lot of money and that I was also from the people.

Roma, 1 cl.

I want, that we have gone all the debts, then you can borrow.

Oleg, 1 cl.

Do not let Werke Rogozina what she asks.

Olya, 3 cl.

Let all the people will be happy, then they are not evil.

John, 4 cl.

Let’s agree, Lord, I believe in You, You — in me.

Lala, 2 cl.

Give my mom friend.

Alyosha, 1 cl.

I have a few requests to you. I want the weather was good, because when the weather is bad, I’m in a bad mood. And yet, that my brother did not get me, because I got bored.

Light, 4 cl.

Let the good is good and bad — bad.

Vick, 2 cl.

I have all the time to train for Your bright look, look, do not disappoint.

Andro, 4 cl.

Save our souls from disability.

Izzy, 4 cl.

Help me to curb cravings for Natalia Nikolaevna. After all, she’s old.

Vahan, 2 cl.

If you find my mittens, please return it. Be honest.

Anya, 3 cl.

Adopt me, and when you’re old, I’ll give you a glass of water.

Oleg, 2 cl.

Watch me closely, something that I do not vytvorili.

Alex, 1 cl.

Make me Superman. Do not tell me what to train to run daily, in the morning to do exercises. That’s all I hear every day from his father.

Monya, 4 cl.

Think so, that I liked the teachers.

Ira, 3 cl.

Give me a personal prayer.

Igor, 3 cl.

Lord, may be an immortal mother.

Rose, 3 cl.

Give me some profitable business.

Gregory, Class 4.

I would like to ask you some animal, only to home. If you find it hard, I’m not against it, and a soft toy. Always yours.

Sam, 3 cl.

Help Loesche, my mate laughing.

Misha, 3 cl.

My dad runs a sailor, let the waves will be good for him.

Katya, 3 cl.

I would like to have all sentient beings from nature and even I had a good character.

Anya, 1 cl.

Teach me to forgive my enemies your enemies.

Gera, 4 cl.

After all, you have the same in every person, so please, tell her how I like it. I myself am shy.

Kohl, 3 cl.

And it is possible, that in the classroom every day was a circus?

Jura, 2 cl.

Put me down for an hour in my childhood, there lives Katya from our garden.

Artem, 1 cl.

I would like to see the last people were the first.

Shreds, 2 cl.

Give me some Exciting adventures.

George, 2 cl.

Two years ago Santa Claus gave a bike, but I grew out of it, I need a little more. You’re richer than Santa Claus.

Robert, 3 cl.

O Lord, and my mom again bears fruit.

Igor, 4 cl.

I am writing to Pushkin.

Stasik, 3 cl.

Let go of my sins, for we are all sinners.

Olga, 4 cl.

I want to find 50 years.

Eric, 2 cl.

Escape for people not from the sins and from loneliness.

Sergey, 3 cl.

I have a friend Sergei. So he was always begging for affection.

Kostya, 2 cl.

In our school, a girl stole a sheepskin coat. They were released early from school, she put it in his closet, and no coats. She called my father on his cell phone. She had it firmachi, began to shout on the phone directory so school was closed and no one out.

Rushed to the Jeep guys with thick, has driven us to the gym, put together with teachers along the wall and while checking on all the journals of the guys who is in school, and who ran away from school, his men went to the premises and sought a sheepskin coat. But did not find.

Then the "unfortunate" the father began to find out which of the parents in this day came to school the teachers, and sent to the addresses of their guys. Warned us all that no one will release until it finds a sheepskin coat. We probably would have spent the night at school, but here in the street rushed classroom teacher fifth grade. And on her sheepskin coat stolen.

It turns out she had a date, but she goes in an old coat. That’s taken from the wardrobe of a chic sheepskin coat, but did not consider that the girl let go earlier. Irina Petrovna more we have not seen.

Arsenty, 4 cl.

Recently, my mother read a newspaper ad: "A man 40 years old, furnished, has an apartment, a car, a dacha, firm, sporty, loves music, literature, compassionate to every woman’s loneliness, looking for a serious woman, 28-30 years for the joint family life. During a kidney" .

At first, my mother long resented, then laughed as long as three days later went to the hairdresser. When she came back — a beautiful and began to put on his best suit, I gasped.

— Will you go?

— I want to look into the eyes of this villain — she said dryly.

She returned quickly. About forty minutes later. Without looking at me said:

— There’s a crazy place. And burst into tears.

Nadia, 4 cl.

Do you like it when praise thee? Me — so much.

Lenya, 3 cl.

And you know, our Aunt Galya her third husband wears.

Paradise, 4 cl.

I wrote a poem. They are shameful. I did not show them to anyone, but you, dear God, I’ll show you. Here they are.

Adults weep tears.

Adult crying eyes.

Little crying heart

Little cry life.

But if an adult is crying like a little,

So he’s really crying.

Marik, 4 cl.

One day, our friend told my mother that when a good lover, every man fit. How to understand it, Lord?

Erna, 3 cl.

And you know, I wrote an essay in mathematics.

Ëþñèê, 4 cl.

They say that a cat always falls on the sore spot host. So when dad is laid to rest, our cat Leopold immediately jumping on his head. Dad is angry, and we laugh.

Robert, 3 cl.

The park is an old woman sitting on a bench and read a book aloud. Imagine, no one around, and she would read aloud. I walked over and asked him:

— Grandma, why do you read out loud? After all, no one.

She paused, stared at me, then laughed:

— Used to it, darling. I read to your children and grandchildren. Now, they all went away, and so like me at all.

Zoe, 4 cl.

I’m with her two years went to kindergarten and for six months was in first grade, and one day she told me, "We’re different people." Can you imagine, I’m worse than dead.

Arkady, 2 cl.

In this house lives a writer. At one time it even for lunch brought by car. Now, says: I have three meals a day — on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Vova, 3 cl.

Why do people on the envelope adhesive stamps? Photos glued to the letter writer. Small. Got and once you see from whom.

Shreds, 2 cl.

I have never eaten cupcake. Maybe the years did not come?

Valentin, 2 cl.

Last year, my brother got married. The people at the wedding was a lot. Everyone drank and danced. It was more than I could eat, I was bored. Became a push among the dancers, musicians, and everywhere, and there, here and remarks about their wedding night but released while smiling.

I was wondering what the wedding night. Let me think, I will know. Molodozhenskuyu snuck into the bedroom, crawled under the bed and wait. Finally I heard the noise, the voices approaching. Opened the door to the room was pushed brother Sasha and his young wife. Once closed behind them with a key from the door they rushed to the table. Sasha from his pocket calculator.

— So, — whispered his wife. — Consider two sets, about twenty-five dollars. Fifty. Duvet blanket — another forty, already ninety. Next, a crystal vase — twenty, pillows, linens, two shirts: And then I fell asleep.

Misha, 1 cl.

My friend Semka of first-class fell in love with Tamar from the eighth. He seems to like it, too. So what can they now sleep in the same bed?

Jora, 1 cl.

Was in the cemetery, and I was shocked one monument. Big black stone, carved on it is one word: "Mom." That’s all.

Vanya, 4 cl.

Imagine, yesterday went to the forest and meadows met a huge crowd of trees — their peers.

Zorik, 4 cl.

I’ll never forget my father’s eyes as he looked when my mother grabbed me by the hand, went away from him forever. Lord, tell me — how much weight a tear?

Andrew, 4 cl.

Some people, you know, live on the earth and the sun trampled.

Anya, 2 cl.

Oh, if you knew me before. In the garden. Now I’m a little passed.

Light, 2 cl.

Yesterday I found a brilliant thing. There was a cemetery where people were buried with the dead loved animals. Well done, that prompted people to such an idea.

Luda, 3 cl.

Listen, what I was in another life, maybe you wonder I was transferred to humans?

Hsien, 3 cl.

Thank you for having given me rich parents. Unreal mom and dad, and adoptees. Well, they chose me out of all of our children in the orphanage. I pretended to be all over them. And they are very full of mischief. Kind, generous. From the boarding me, of course, they took nafig. Now I am a normal human school. Only his mother, a real, well, my dear, I secretly come to visit.

At first I came to her to show off how I beat out in people. She cried for joy and laughed. I was terribly sorry for her, and I am now slowly from new parents bring her any food. She calls me a "getter", "breadwinner."

No, it’s great you gave me: I was in the same house eater, and in another — earner. And we are all happy. And you?

Kostya, 3 cl.

My God, I’m so unlucky that I — not the people?

Michael, 3 cl.

I was always tormented by one question: in the sky all the five-pointed star?

Nadia, 2 cl.

They say: "It’ll be there!" Is that — again, all together?

Rustam, 2 cl.

Give birth, give birth, die, die. Damn that ti!

Kohl’s, 1 cl.

I’ll tell you a secret, you just about anyone. Zhenya was kissing me, and we now have kids. Thank you, just in case.

Zoe, 1 cl.

So, Lord, if You were not, and nothing would have happened?

Sergei, 2 cl.

You know, ever since I found you, I will never write off.

Inna, 2 cl.

Hey, that’s saying God’s light. And whose darkness?

Lena, 4 cl.

I love apples. It’s my call of the wild?

Nina, 3 cl.

I spend the summer at the cottage. And next to us in the house next door is living poet. All he is considered eccentric, drunk, crazy. And all because when he drinks in the evening, overlooks the yard and looking at the moon, shouting, "Hey, there will extinguish the light!"

Marik, 4 cl.

We now live in an adult: collect bottles and walk on them.

Janis, 3 cl.

In our porch Lenka lives. It is on the fifth floor, I’m on the ground. We have, from the third floor, live "cool." So do not climb through the window. You look closely, Lord. So, Lenka like to ride a bicycle in the yard, so to me is.

— Everything. Dashed off.

I immediately grab his bike and dragging on the fifth floor. He himself up the elevator. A bike lift is not included. In a bread shop I’m running for it. His parents sent for bread, he — to me. And I always please. Only pl

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