Chile: the skeleton of Chupacabra?




Priznanny researcher of the phenomenon of "Chupacabra" (Chupacabras) and a member of the Corporation GEO (Chilean organization dedicated to "the study of vozdushnyhfenomenov" and, simply put, studies of the "anomalous") Alberto Urquiza (Alberto Urquiza) November 13, 2003 the corporation has filed three photos of a mysterious skeleton being. The remains of an animal unknown to science have been found near the city of Concepcion (Chile's eighth district). According to Mr. Urquiza, skeleton itself will be given to the Corporation GEO next day, where will undergo thorough checks on the authenticity and detailed analyzes for ustanovleniyaprirody finds.

Researcher are wary about the origin of the sample and calls him a "skeleton strange animal." He flatly refused to put forward any hypothesis until the final test results. Alberto Urquiza hopes that the simultaneous administration of several independent expert will objectively and impartially to establish scientific truth.

Findings such as these have occurred in Chile in the past. Part of the skeleton like a month ago have been found in Iquique (Iquique) and last year in the same Concepción.







In photos:
Skeleton creatures unknown to science. We find no front legs. Active development of the upper and lower teeth, eye sockets unusual location. The length of the skeleton is of the order of 70-80 cm, which roughly corresponds to the description of the growth of Chupacabra (upper scale tape measure tape — inches, the bottom — centimeters).


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