Chilean twin stranger from Kyshtym


Chilean twin stranger from Kyshtym

17.12.03, the


December 3, 2003 in Santiago began detailed studies of the mummified body of a strange creature, discovered a few weeks ago near the city of Iquique (Chile Second District). Detailed analyzes of recovered material was suspended about a month ago because of funding problems.
At the moment, the capital of Chile arrived Ramon Navia Osorio, President of the Institute of exobiology Spain and the Chilean Mission Coordinator of the organization Raul Nunez. The scientists will lead a group to study a little mummy.
Of course, none of the members of the scientific community does not pronounce the word "alien", "creature from another world," "stranger," and the like. However, even a cursory examination it becomes clear that this is nothing like being in the Earth's biosphere is not found.
Scientists as always careful in his statements and do not push (at least publicly) to any hypotheses about the origin of finds.
Complicating matters (or easier — take a look at which side of) the fact that such a withered corpse is not the first, the existence of which is known to ufologists, and with them, and the general public.
One of these creatures found their death more than twenty years ago, near the town of Salinas — the municipal center of the same district, located on the southeast coast of Puerto Rico. This was told the respected British UFO magazine "Flying Saucer Review", accompanied by pictures of the article, as two peas similar to those posted on this page. The essence in the following publications. One day, a guy nicknamed "Chinaman" roamed the hills at the foot of the mountains, looking for all sorts of Indian antiquity. Suddenly he saw a few small creatures around a foot tall. One of them tried to grab the "Chinaman" for his pants, and obviously not with bad intentions. Contact did not work: Earthling grabbed a stick and hit him a crushing blow! A creature with a broken skull fell flat on his back, and his companions were "very quickly ran away," and disappeared into the undergrowth. In the future, little body was preserved in alcohol, passed from hand to hand, and finally confiscated (and, simply put, selected using threats and weapons) by representatives of some "Secret Service", based on indirect evidence — the Agency for National Security USA.
Another, more close to us in space and time the story took place in the village of Kyshtym Kaolin (more on that shortly here). Probably mummy Alexis also has found its final resting place on the shelf of a storage superzasekrechennyh now native Russian special services. By the grim stories of "our" alien'd like (no comment) we add the following information. August 5th, 1999 at 11:00 pm in the village of Kyshtym Kaolin was a traffic accident fatalities. On walking down the middle of an unlit road an elderly woman ran T. Prosvirnin truck ZIL-5301. Unhappy died on the spot.
And Chilean find. Let us hope that the fate of this little mummy will develop differently.


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