China bought about 1.2 million tons of corn

This year, China imported from the U.S., about 1.2 million tonnes of maize. This is more than ten times the volume of imports of cereals in the past couple of decades. The Chinese authorities have refused to explain the reasons that prompted them to take this step.

As reported by the publication of The Wall Street Journal, in June this year, the trade ship, filled up to the top of U.S. corn arrived in the port of Longkou Bohai Bay. It was the first time in 15 years and was of great interest to analysts and international observers. Total to date in China has already arrived five such vessels.

China, which itself is one of the largest producers of corn in the world, the United States imported 1.2 million tons of vegetable crops. This figure looks great, if fate as the past couple of decades, China has imported from various countries about 100 tons of yellow cereal, said in a statement.

For a long time the Communist Party in relation to agriculture followed a policy of domestic production of everything you need for your needs and in the right quantity. This was one of the fundamental factors of maintaining stability in the society, so virtually no purchases of agricultural products from abroad has not been done, the newspaper notes.

Except for the Communist Party no one yet knows whether this is a temporary measure or whether there have been major changes and it will be on a continuing basis.

The publication cites the words of a Western official who studies China's policy in respect of production, which says that the Chinese government has never released information about the state stocks of products and keep it a secret.

The Chinese economy is having an increasing influence in the world, but the policy and strategy of the PRC continues to define only a few leaders of the Communist Party, and the discussion always remain classified.

Predict how big disadvantage in corn China is experiencing now, it is very difficult, as the communist authorities keep this information secret.

The Ministry of Agriculture of China has refused to be interviewed on the issue of import of corn, saying that the topic was "too sensitive". A similar refusal to comment on the situation issued as the Ministry of Trade and State Development and Reform Committee of China.

On the website of the Committee for Development and Reform appeared only a small tip, which states that the import was due to higher prices of maize in the country. This statement also emphasizes that it does not harm the interests of domestic producers of corn, and that the domestic food supplies in order. In this case, the report says nothing about how long the authorities intend to import corn, and to what extent.

Source: The Epoch Times

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