China buys Russian submarines and fighter

During his visit to Moscow, President Xi Jinping was signed two framework agreements for the supply of Beijing 24 multi-role fighters Su-35 and four NNS Project 1650 "Cupid" (export version of Project 677 "Lada").

"This was the first in 10 years in China, purchasing Russian major weapons systems," — the Chinese media. According to the website TV channel CCTV, the submarine will be delivered in a "2 +2", which provides for the transfer of the two finished NNS and construction of two submarines under license from the transfer of technology (the depth of the transmission project is not specified). Back in 2012, China showed genuine interest in the submarines of the project in 1650, "Cupid." "Rosoboronexport" has signed a framework agreement with China to jointly design and construction of four submarines to the Chinese Navy at the end of August 2012. As expected, the estimated firm contract worth 2 billion dollars will be signed no earlier than 2015. It was assumed that Chinese-made components in the final product will not exceed 30%. NNS "Amur-1650" for China will be equipped with VNEU foreign production. According to CCTV, perhaps, Beijing will make the unit itself (probably by a foreign license).

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