China has completed certification of A-27M

Moscow. January 31. Airports — Interstate Aviation Committee and the aviation authorities of China have signed an agreement to complete validation (recognition of the Russian type certificate) light multipurpose aircraft A-27M development Samara Ltd. "Aircraft Corporation" Avantage "informed" AviaPort "said deputy general director of marketing Vladimir Zykov.
He said the plane A-27M has been certified by the Aviation Register of Interstate Aviation Committee in 2008 and that same year received with a certificate of noise on the ground. The problem in China was to confirm previously obtained characteristics and indicators and their compliance with the airworthiness requirements of China. The completion of the validation process means that you can purchase and operation of this type of aircraft in China.

In the near future is expected to arrive in the Chinese aviation delegation of Russian experts to discuss several major issues that was possible and effective just after the completion of the validation process. In particular, the negotiations may consider purchasing the Chinese side batch of aircraft A-27M. Furthermore, it can be discussed and the question of organization in China licensed production of aircraft of this type, said V.Zykov

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