China has increased the risk of snow storms

China has increased the risk of snow storms Weather and Climate

In northern China's growing threat of severe snowstorms, and therefore the risk of code for potential risk areas was raised from "blue" to "orange", the second force. Home snowstorms predicted one to two days.

The fifth and sixth of November will be thick snowstorm in the central and eastern districts of the autonomous region of Inner Mongolia in the north and west of the province of Hebei and around Beijing. In some areas of snowfall may reach 30 mm. Snow storms will be preceded by sleet and rain, which will be witnessed almost all areas of northern China along the Yellow River and the River Hwang Ho.
East of the country, especially the coastal areas, should be wary of a sharp drop in temperature by 6-8 degrees, as well as hurricane winds. This severe weather delayed here for a couple days. In light of the coming weather changes by the Ministry of Public Security teleconference was held, at which it was announced early control program of road safety and prevention of accidents and congestion associated with poor visibility during snowstorms. Members of the Ministry of calling the appropriate services now carry out preventive measures, based on the experience of operations carried out earlier.

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