China has signed a contract for four submarines of Project 677E

According to the newspaper "Kommersant", JSC "Rosoboronexport" has signed a framework agreement with China to jointly design and construction of China‘s four submarines project 677E (code "Amur-1650").

In the article "Kommersant" states that are expected to "firm contract alleged $ 2 billion will be signed no earlier than 2015. This means that China can beat India and Venezuela, previously shown interest in the project" Amur-1650 " . About that "Rosoboronexport" negotiating with China on joint production of submarines of "Amur-1650", "b" said a source close to the Russian arms exporters weapons. According to him, in late August, the parties signed a framework contract, involving joint design and construction of four such submarines "in size 2/2" (two of which will be built in Russia, and two in China. — "b").

"Export of technology — is not the only similarity with the planned Indian tender (for the purchase of the six non-nuclear submarines. -" B "). Assumed that Chinese-made components in the final product will not exceed 30%. Signing firm contract is not expected before 2015," — informed source "b", refusing to discuss its amount.

Another source of "b" familiar with the situation, adding that "a contract for submarines is extremely important for Russia and is at the head of the presidential list of projects with China." According to him, the supplementary agreement on the implementation of the first phase of the work could be signed before the end of this year. In this case, the manufacturer of the Russian side has not been determined, according to the source "b".

Submarines "Amur-1650" for China will be equipped with VNEU foreign production, says a source, "b", familiar with the negotiations. "At the request of a foreign customer will have their own power plant, created based on the Stirling engine air independent" — told "Kommersant", refusing to name the country of origin.

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