China ordered 3 Omsk Rover hovercraft Arctic

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Heihe River Shipping (China) bought Omsk 3-terrain vehicle manufacturer hovercraft such as "Arctic." The reason for the request Siberian cars served their successful operation in the neighboring Russian region of Heihe — Blagoveshchensk — during the flood in the Amur. Delivery of 3 cars with the salons with 30 seats each to Chinese customers is scheduled for 2014.

Mock-terrain vehicle was shown at VTTV-Omsk-2013, which opened on October 2. As part of the Omsk exhibition of technologies and weapons demonstration is scheduled on October 3-4, one of the all-terrain vehicles "Arctic" for the audience at the test site in the village of Light, which will host the indicative program with equipment, including tanks.

Brief information about the production of all-terrain hovercraft "Arctic."

Production is located in Omsk. Mass-produced cars since the early 2000s.

According to the manufacturer on its official website: "The principle in the design of GDP is that it is equipped with transverse and longitudinal stability and equipped with a device for providing necessary contact with the ground on tight turns and braking. No such systems on these machines, and it is the know-how of our company. During the development of all-terrain we have received a number of patents, which he defined as the amphibious hovercraft.

Depending on the operating conditions and according to the customer terrain vehicle "Arctic" is registered in the bodies Gostehnadzora as off-road vehicle or in the Russian River Register as amphibious hovercraft.

The design and manufacture of all-terrain vehicles, our company has the certificate of the Russian River Register, Certificate of Russian Maritime Register and resolution Gostehnadzora Omsk region".

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