China threatens new tropical storm

August 19, 2013. August 14 in the South China city of Yangjiang (Guangdong) came ashore typhoon "Yutor." To date, we know of three dead and five missing people. Tens of thousands of residents have been evacuated.

Soon the people of China lies in wait for a new attack. Approximately 300 km from the coast of Taiwan was formed tropical storm "Tram". According to the forecasts of meteorologists to land in China, he can come out as early as Tuesday.

It is expected that over the next few days, "Tram" will intensify. For a short time it can be rated as a typhoon, reports portal If the "Tram" will be released on land, in the central regions of Taiwan and mainland China are expected heavy rains and gusty winds. There is a risk of landslides and flooding.

Source: News Gismeteo

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