Chinese carrier-based fist

Chinese carrier-based fist

Not so long ago, in the naval forces of the People’s Liberation Army of China was introduced first aircraft carrier. Ship «Liaoning» is almost unfinished and refitted aircraft carrier «Varyag», which in its time was built for Russian Navy Union. After the collapse of the USSR with this ship came a lot of events, but he still was completed and put into operation, even if not at home. But in the context of the Chinese Navy is currently greater enthusiasm is not the «Liaoning», and some expressions of official Beijing about the coming of similar ships.
Last «Varyag», from the first months of 2008, was one of the companies of China State Shipbuilding Company, where he was given a modern look. At this point, passing ship fleet and releasing some capacity, shipbuilders companies make the boldest statement. According to the head of the company’s shipbuilding Hu Wenming, China must build new aircraft carriers. Moreover, the bureaucrat said the company’s willingness to make such management plans of the country, if they appear. With all of this quite original Hu Wenming evaded on the most fascinating question in this context. He said that the country really needed aircraft carriers and new production facilities with huge potential, but did not say anything on an appropriate number of ships to air armament. According to him, such issues should be decided by the management of the country.
Hu Wenming words can be considered a formal proof of a number of rumors circulating in recent years. So, all those professionals and enthusiasts of military affairs, who argued that the «Varyag» / «Liaoning» is only the first Chinese ship own class were right: Beijing really willing and able to develop carrier fleet. However, such plans as before cause a lot of issues of technical and military-political nature. For example, China acquired «Varyag» belongs to the Russian draft 1143.3 and, as a consequence, is equipped with take-off ramp, which leads to some specific requirements for carrier-based aircraft. Maybe specifically for this reason before creating its own carrier-based fighter Shenyang J-15 Chinese intensively tried to persuade Russia to implement them a certain number of Su-33. But after unsuccessful negotiations, China had to buy from Ukraine a prototype Russian plane — T-10K. Because of this, ready J-15 came immediately similar to Russian Su-33 and differs from it.

According to the Chinese press, November 20 fighter J-15 made its first landing on the deck «Liaoning». Photos and videos, as well as the official press release has not yet been published. If planting is really accomplished, it means that the test programm new aircraft goes without much delay and adoption will take place, as previously reported, in 2015. At the same time, any technical difficulties disposition may appear on almost any stage of work though. The fact that Ukraine has acquired layout T-10K could have different deficiencies corrected in coming, brought to series production of the Su-33. Yet, even if there are technical problems the project J-15 can be fully completed by the planned deadline. Is that a comparison of the finished aircraft with zabugornom analogues may not be in favor of Chinese cars.

As for the potential of the Chinese industry in the construction of new ships, then there is not expected any problems and severe hiccups. Municipal Chinese shipbuilding company has the proper facilities and «skills» in order to build an analogue of the «Varyag» / «Liaoning», even with the introduction of ready-made solutions zabugornyh studied at remaking the first aircraft carrier. Immediately, the creation of its design will have not only military-technical, and other effects related to the country’s prestige. Currently, China is the last state has a fixed membership of the UN Security Council, and to this day does not create its own aircraft carrier. So Makar, carrier fleet in China’s case would be not only military supplies, and another sign of the country’s ambitions.

As we see, the Chinese shipbuilders may build several aircraft carriers, as its design, and copies of the former «Varyag». Regardless of the amount earmarked for the construction of aircraft carriers, one of the more pressing issues are pursued by this construction purpose. All natural looking version of the Ordinary very desire to strengthen its fleet. It should be noted, in Beijing all have reasons for this. For example, a few months back the U.S. said that in the coming years about 60% of their warships Navy will focus on the Pacific Ocean. Besides confrontation with the United States, the Chinese management may use carrier fleet as an argument in constant disputes about certain islands located on a small distance from the coast. Currently, China has disputes with Vietnam and Japan. Taking into account the potential of these fleets, naval aircraft carriers groups may be helpful.

In addition, we can recall at the moment under construction amphibious ships project 071. If amphibious assault landing on any of the disputed islands act Marines can, well, must be carried out with the support of carrier-based aircraft. This approach to the operation may significantly increase its effectiveness, also increment the radius acts ship compound carrying assault shipping. Combat potential groups with landing and aircraft carriers, even if this would only be used in exercises, able to serve as a good Southeast Asian deterrent. Due to the presence of similar compounds, China will be able to prevent the sample forceful seizure of the disputed territories, threatening immediate enemy counterattack.

Do messages about plans for the construction of new aircraft carriers, there is one noticeable overtones associated with the time of their occurrence. A few days back the Beijing hosted the Congress of the Communist Party of China. According to an old tradition, to such events in the country are trying to coincide with any principled action. It seems that the first landing fighter J-15 on the deck was planned specifically to the XVIII Congress of the CCP, but something went wrong and the plane landed on an aircraft carrier in only 5 days after the close of the Congress. Statements on aircraft carriers just appeared nekordinalno later, allowing them to associate with the same past events. In March next year, a session of National People’s Congress. It’s entirely possible that shortly before the action will be posted new messages, including plans to develop naval forces of the PLA. These announcements can relate to clarify the number of relevant China aircraft carriers, and publishing information about any of the new and hitherto unknown draft ships.

At the moment everything is gaining immense popularity outlook stating about rising tensions in the Pacific region. So that Beijing is fully capable of «pull out of his sleeve,» something new and sudden. Most likely, it will be specific to the fleet. For example, knowing the speed of the Chinese engineers, we can expect the emergence of the first project of its own aircraft carrier. At the same time, since the transfer of Ukraine to China technical documentation on «Varyag» was held not so not enough time to study it carefully and make your project. Yet, China has more than once demonstrated that he has the desire and ability to develop their armed forces, even with the introduction zabugornyh developments.

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