Chip for Cows: Omsk cows will track the satellite

Milk production in the Omsk region is entering a qualitatively new level.

During the year, Omsk milk production will receive more than 207 million rubles., According to the order for the provision of state agricultural commodities producers, who will go to compensation for the costs of construction, reconstruction and modernization.

Among the 14 households that received grants included Pavlogradskaya Company "Field". Now it goes to a qualitatively new stage of milk production using information technology.

Reconstruction of the barn will end in early October: farm animals gradually transferred to loose housing. The total project cost is 35 million rubles.

— We already and so we hand over 93-95% of the milk premium. Just now it will be much cheaper to manufacture and easier. For almost a year we send four tons per day in the center of nutritional formulas. About 65% take Tyumen and Novosibirsk, — says Dmitry Pushkarev, Deputy Director of "Niva".

In the new parlor can accommodate 800 head. Behind it is a room control. At each cow will be a special chip, it will receive data about the animal in real time. If, for example, the animal is moving less than usual, then he will be sent in a separate box and show the doctors. 

— Housing parlor domestic, devices and software — Israeli. Today, this country — a leader in the production of such equipment. There also could with minimal resources to get the best performance, — says Dmitry Pushkarev.

The upgrade will greatly facilitate the work and workers. The animals will break into groups. With the new technology it will be possible to know what the cows are on friendly terms with each other, affect productivity. The state program has helped to guide the economy to determine the way forward.


— Before we remodeled the office and think, leave little or make one big farm? It’s cheaper, but then in the villages will not work. The program has influenced the decision to modernize the state support small farms and leave jobs — Vladimir Pushkarev, General Director of "Field".

Andrey Bulgakov, head of the Animal Husbandry and Breeding of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Omsk region:

— Today the work of the rural worker is unattractive, nobody wants to wake up at 5 am and go to bed late at night. We need to adopt new technologies, creating more natural environment for the animals and a more comfortable environment for people.

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