Chirkeysk HPP. Dagestan (PHOTOS)

Author of the report — Dmitry Chistoprudov


Chirkeysk hydroelectric power plant — the pride of Russian hydrobuilders. Station on the Sulak River is the largest hydroelectric power station in the North Caucasus and the highest arch dam in Russia.
Yet at any industrial facility I have not seen such a warm welcome and a rich poznovatelno-city tour, as Chirkeisk HPP. We literally crawled the entire length and breadth of the station and could not stop shooting until two in the morning …

1. Sulak River basin is located in the northern and central parts of Dagestan. Water from the river is used to supply water to the cities of Makhachkala and the Caspian.

2. Chirkeysk plant is a hydroelectric system Sulak and it is the first step. About other station cascade I once wrote:
Miatlinsky plant — Second stage.
The complex Chirjurtsky plant — The third stage.

3. Morning at the largest reservoir of the North Caucasus.

4. The water surface area of the reservoir — 42.4 km ², and the volume reaches 2.78 km ².

5. Construction of power plant began in 1964 and lasted for 14 years. Were constructed concrete arch dam 232 and crest length 338 meters, the dam and the powerhouse service spillway.

6. Sulak Canyon panorama. It is a pity that at this time of year the sun is low and rises only slightly illuminates the crest of the dam.

Enlarge image

7. By the Engine Room is a road through the 800-meter tunnel on the right bank.

8. View from above.


Sasha against Chirkey reservoir carefully view their photos.

10. Gantry crane on the crest of the dam is used for opening / closing valves that regulate the flow of water to the main hydro-generators.

11. Normally backed upstream water level — 355 meters, the level of the dead — 315.

12. The view from the gantry crane. At the top of the dam thickness is only 6 meters! No matter how I tried, and could not give his photographs a false sense of incredible fragility of all this concrete structure, when behind so much water.

Enlarge image

Experience the scale of what is happening will help Google map.

13. With a head of 170 meters the water at high speed flows through conduits in the spiral chamber hydraulic units.

14. Volute is designed to supply water to the turbine guide vanes. The water pressure in the chamber — 17 atmospheres.

Enlarge image

15. Guide unit by turning the turbine blades spin changes the flow and controls the flow of the turbine.

16. Water enters the turbine blades. Thus the energy of water flow is transformed into mechanical and transmitted to hydrogenerator, which generates electricity.

17. During our visit to the station held a planned overhaul of the 4th hydraulic unit.

18. Work here.

19. Due to the fact that the river Sulak takes place in a narrow gorge, designers adopted a radically new layout drawing power plant — two-row arrangement of hydraulic units. The machine room is divided into two parts — with two units in each.

20. Two halls, two bridge cranes to 320 tons.

21. The first hydroelectric power plant at a capacity of 250 MW were connected to the grid in 1974. The last four unit entered the work in 1976.


23. Dispatching.

24. Transformers and switchgear on the ceiling of the machine room.


26. Power plant — 1000 MW, the average annual production of 2.47 billion kWh


28. So the energy of the Sulak River goes through the generator voltage switchgear to the United Energy System of the South of Russia.

29. At 85 meters from the dam is located inlet service spillway tunnel length of 730 meters. Over the entire history of Chirkeisk plant water dumped idle three times — such a dry climate in Dagestan.

30. The tunnel goes under the large slope, and then goes into slightly inclined portion, and then converted into the tray with diving and side drain-quencher. Through this hole can be easily spillway a freight train — no one will notice.

31. Walking through the galleries of the dam.

A short video filmed on the phone:


Glory and


33. One of the mines in the dam body.

34. Technical corridors.


36. At night, the station is particularly beautiful.


Enlarge image







44. Here’s a she, Chirkeysk HPP.

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Many thanks to the Dagestan branch of "RusHydro" for organizing this shooting!

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