CHKPZ develops the market of agricultural machinery

On Chelyabinsk Forge-Press Plant found a new niche for the production and marketing of products. The company enters the market of spare parts for agricultural machinery. The first samples are presented in the exhibitions "Agricultural Complex" in Ufa and "UralAgro" held in Grand Istok near Yekaterinburg. The collections of the plant could be seen as a traditional production factory, auto parts, tires for agricultural machinery and special and harrow discs modification of "daisy", rack and leg seeding system "Kuzbass".

To develop new products plant began in late 2010. Today it started serial production of the disc harrow, and soon will go to rack and conveyor foot. It’s safe to say that the products will be in demand, judging by the interest shown by potential customers at trade shows.

"More than 60 representatives of various companies and organizations have expressed their desire to enter into contracts with our plant to supply paper machine drives" daisy ". The lion’s share of them — agricultural enterprises, — the «URA.Ru» Head of Sales of spare parts for agricultural machinery CHKPZ Alexander Marinin — Right now we are preparing a contract with a major producer of Yekaterinburg, agreements with traders from Barrow and Ufa. The next step — a few dozen clients and partners. All this allows us to say that the new production line is correct, it holds great promise for CHKPZ. "

The plans of the plant by the end of the year to master the production of at least 10 units for agricultural machinery. Its main objective guide CHKPZ considers the provision of Russian agrarians parts, not inferior in quality to Western counterparts, but at more affordable rates.

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