ChMZAP developed a semi for U.S. power industry

Chelyabinsk Machinery Plant trailers of "Uralavtopritsep" manufactured batch of trailers on request international companies from the United States.

Semi customer’s specifications were developed on the basis of model ChMZAP 99903-033. New heavy trucks can carry 54 tons 40 foot containers «High-Cube». For long-term parking (1 year or more) on the trailer provided screw and adjustable outriggers, which relieve the load on all wheels of the trawl. The length of the loading platform — 12 200 mm, width — 2500 mm. The design of the coupling pin 2 sizes provided by the U.S. and European standard with the ability to quickly change.

New semi ChMZAP will be used to supply energy storage systems. American energy plan to try out the new technology of energy storage systems, network-based lithium-ion batteries. This will enable the store electrical energy generated by power plants in excess of the hours and the minimum load then give it to the network during peak hours. The pilot project will be implemented for the Sochi Olympic facilities backup power supply. Also on the island of Valaam (Republic of Karelia) energy storage system will be used as an uninterruptible power supply and basic infrastructure for rapid refueling of electric vehicles.

According to the agreement, a U.S. company will supply equipment conforming to the parameters of the Russian power system, its installation, inclusion in the network and the subsequent service. Trailer equipment needed for the task, the Americans put the Chelyabinsk plant of "Uralavtopritsep."

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