Christians in Britain: Thank you, Lord, for the Russian!

Syrian rebel in a stolen from church vestments, brandishing a cross.

Only Russian and Chinese who resist stupidity of the West, are among Israel, menshinstvomi Alawite, Christians in Syria — and massive bloodshed.

The Christian church in Syria will follow the same road that has already passed our brothers in Iraq, where the US-British invasion and overthrow of the tyrant Saddam led directly to the systematic persecution of the Christian church. In each country affected by the "Arab spring" can be seen on the wall the words written for Christians (apparently an allusion to the biblical words "Mene, Tekel, Fares"Translator's Note). Similarly, in Syria, if Islamic fundamentalists take power, the Christians will be gradually destroyed.

The same fate befall the Alawites, if it falls secular regime of President Assad, the most famous figures of their community.

And if the Syrian stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons falling into the hands of Islamic insurgents, the carnage begins in Syria and Israel. In the latter has already started booming sales of gas masks.

Britain 'fueling violence'

Israel Nation News reported — Russia said that the appeals of the West and Saudi Arabia for the resignation of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to stop blocking efforts lasting for 16 months of unrest in the country.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned that such calls — from the United States, the United Kingdom, a number of European and Arab governments and Turkey — is "inciting violence." "Support of Syrian rebel groups — this is equivalent to the support of terrorism" — he said.

"We offer things that would lead to an immediate cease-fire, but on the other hand, we say, 'No, or the regime capitulates or we will continue to support the armed struggle of the opposition …", thus justifying terrorist acts, "Lavrov said.

Russian and Chinese are opposed to developed and financed by George Soros doctrine «Responsibility to Protect» (R2P — «responsibility to protect"), through which the countries that consider themselves to be global policemen can change regimes in those countries that are not democratic enough. Christian Voice wrote in August last year at the exposition WorldNetDaily on the Global Centre for R2P in connection with Libya.

(Since then, it turned out that Soros has urged President Obama to send troops to Uganda, ostensibly to arrest the leader of the so-called Lord's Resistance Army, and in fact — to protect the oil interests of George Soros).

Israel will strike if NBC gets to the rebels

The Associated Press reported Wednesday that Israel's foreign minister warned — his country will act immediately if it is found that Islamic militants attacked the warehouses of chemical or biological weapons in Syria.

Israeli politicians, the military and security services are watching with growing concern for the growth of bloodshed in neighboring Syria, fearing that if the fall of the government in Damascus, Hezbollah in Lebanon and other militant groups can make raids on these arsenals. Recently, Israeli political leaders have said that they will be ready to strike at depots with a weapon, so it does not fall into the hands of militants.

Destroy all the churches

March 12 this year, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, said that "it is necessary to destroy all the churches in the region." He based his decision Mufti put the story that on his deathbed, the Prophet Muhammad said, "There will be two religions in the [Arabian] Peninsula".

In Saudi Arabia, the church has always been banned, but the Iraq of Saddam Hussein and in Syria and in other Muslim countries before they came under the authority funded by George Soros, the Muslim Brotherhood, Christians have the opportunity to practice their faith and formed a thriving community.

Washington Times writes: "This is not a small radical imam trying to stir up his followers to a fiery speech full of hate. It is a well-considered, balanced instruction from one of the most important leaders in the Islamic world. It's not just the formulation of religious obligation for those over whom the mufti has direct authority, it is also a signal to others in the Muslim world, that the destruction of the churches is not only permitted but required. "

Saudi Arabia supports the Syrian rebels with money and weapons.

Naive and simplistic

This approach of the British government is both naive and simplistic. In accordance with the slavish devotion to promoting democracy at any cost, Soros-funded Open Society movement, they encourage the Sunni majority in Syria to destroy all others.

Mr. Haig seems to think, "Assad — is bad and the rebels — it's good", but this approach is wrong. You can not fully trust the reports rebels, though they take pride of the headlines on the BBC. Fraud and lies pouring from all sides of the conflict.

In a letter to the voters of July 24, Mr. Haig wrote: "You have expressed concern about the persecution of Christians in Syria. After the uprising began in Syria more than a year ago, the Assad regime has demonstrated time and again that he would not protect the rights, freedoms and interests of all its citizens. "

Statement by Mr. Haig is hypocrisy. Assad does not pursue the Christians, and never pursued. This makes the rebels now, and they are even more will do so when they get power. In addition, President Assad himself is a member of the Alawite minority. It Shiite Muslims, despised by three-fourths of the population of Syria, who practice Sunni Islam.

Mr Hague continued: "In our regular dialogue, we call on the Syrian opposition groups to reach out and interact with minority communities, including the Christian minority, adhere to peaceful and non-sectarian approach."

Thus, Mr. Haig admits that he is in contact with the rebels. Worryingly, he expects that they will behave as if they were taking part in a tea party at the priest. He speaks as if he really thinks the world is like living in a civilized home. Maybe he really thinks so, and maybe pretending. In any case, supporting the rebels, our government, as well as the government of America and most of Europe is preparing the ground for the carnage in the Middle East.

Thank You, Lord, for the Russian and the Chinese.

PRAY: Britain to abandon its unconditional support to the Syrian rebels, and realized that the Assad regime, for all its faults, is the last defender of the Christian and Alawite minority in Syria. Pray for more informed impartiality messages about the conflict. Pray that the Russian and Chinese people have stood firm against the hypocrisy of the West and Saudi Arabia.

Ask your Member of Parliament (email address here) apply to the Minister of Foreign Affairs to the question of — what contacts have Her Majesty's Government with the Syrian rebels and what political, financial and military assistance it provides to them. You can ask your MP to ask the Minister of Foreign Affairs to support President Assad. Ask a member of Parliament and appeal to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, that he commented on the information about the persecution of Christians and Syrian rebels Alawite (he will not say anything good, and do not tell about the assistance provided by the government, but he will know that you are and you are concerned) .

Stephen Green

«Syria — Thank God for the Russians»

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