Christmas gift from Multiclet

By popular demand enthusiasts microelectronics development of the country for the production of the budget board, directed to the address of "Multiclet" partner "Multiclet" — by LDM-SYSTEMS has made development board LDM-MCp0411100101-Q208 Evolution based on the world’s first multicellular processor MCp0411100101-Q208 with the Russian core, developed on the basis of a unique multicellular architecture. The suggested retail price debug kit — 6500 rubles.

On the occasion of the beloved holiday, the New Year is announced a special offer. For the first 100 customers at ordering on the development board LDM-MCp0411100101-Q208 Evolution until January 20, 2013 the cost of the kit — 5000 rubles. Make a request for a debug kit at a special price for website LDM-SYSTEMS.

The structure of the debug kit includes:

· Evaluation Board LDM-MCp0411100101-Q208 Evolution

· USB-A — mini USB-B cable;

· CD-R disc with software and technical documentation.

Evaluation board for multicellular processor developed by LDM-SYSTEMS with the experience of operating a debug kit HW1-MCp04 production of "Multiclet", it is an evolution, not a full replacement, particularly on the debug board LDM-SYSTEMS is not installed Ethernet transceiver 10 / 100, but there are a number of other benefits.

The budget cost of new development board due to a number of reasons. First, experts LDM-SYSTEMS was able to optimize the electronic circuit board debug and build it earlier supplied separately (for a charge HW1-MCp04) JTAG adapter from Germany. Second, the development and mass production of low cost debugging systems is one of the target areas of the LDM-SYSTEMS, the company has streamlined its own market, and hence the possibility of mass production debugging tools, which directly affects the cost saving products.

With the characteristics of the processor MCp0411100101-Q208 can be found on the official site of "Multiclet". Additionally, the the "Technical Documentation and Software" there is documentation of multicellular processor and software, and in this section you can download a set of software tools and programming examples.

To work with multicellular processor developed the following software: Assembler, C and c preprocessor, compiler, built-in libraries for peripherals and a math library. In the near future the specialists of "Multiclet" will be finished work to create a debugger, an optimized C compiler standard C99 and additional libraries. 

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