Christmas gift of a tropical cyclone

Christmas gift from a tropical cyclone weather and climate

Over Arafura Sea formed tropical low pressure system, which can be one of the largest tropical cyclones on the eve of Christmas. Like a cyclone destroyed 37 years ago, the Darwin and claimed 49 lives. Australian weather bureau predicts probability pyatidesyatiprotsentnuyu storm the morning of 22 December 2011.

Fig. 2. Forecasting model

The upper part of the cyclone spread over eastern Australia, which will increase the strength of the wind at the bottom of the 23 December, and the system will send to the east-southeast. This will delay the formation of a cyclone.

Tropical cyclone season in Australia is from November to April, accompanied by about thirteen storms in the area from the south of the Indian Ocean to the south-west Pacific.

Fig. 4. Currently over Australia two active low pressure systems.

In the absence of a specially designed housing for all, who is based in Darwin and surrounding areas, are advised to hurry up with the choice of refuge in case of emergency. This will help keep all the safety measures before the wind takes hold.

Construction work for oil and gas in the coastal zone may be compromised. The cyclone will affect the transportation of minerals from the ports along Australia's north-west coast of the country.

60 nautical miles was discovered another tropical cyclone is a low pressure (17,1 ° S, 157,4 ° E). The system moves to the south-south-east at a speed of 11 knots (20 km / h), the maximum wind speed of 30 knots (56km / h). Central pressure of 998 hPa. There is a possibility of transformation into a tropical cyclone within 6-12 hours.

Fig. 5. The area of convection had the coordinates 14 ° S, 154,8 °, which changed to 14.1 ° S, 155.7 ° E, which at 625 nautical miles east-northeast of Cairns, Australia. On the infrared image from the satellite is visible region of strong convection over the low-level center of circulation is compacted.

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