Chromatec (Yoshkar-Ola) updated the machine park

JSC SKB "Chromatec" is the Russian leader in the creation of a unique analytical equipment in the field of gas chromatography, combining advanced technology and operational reliability. Manufactures gas chromatographs and hardware-software systems based on them.

Formed in 1990, the company is working stably and produces high-tech products. Without the update, machinery equipment in this type of activity can not do. So here annually increasing production capacity, introducing new technology and advanced equipment.

This year alone, purchased several items of process equipment. For example, press brake, CNC milling center with 3D CNC, one-rig closed Amsonic.

Milling Center solves the issues of training of personnel to numerous transactions of the highest complexity on milling machines, you can fix the item at any angle from four sides. It skilled workers is one of the most pressing issues in such high-tech industries. Perhaps, therefore, the first question to the head of government representatives from the team was on training workers and engineers in the country. On the "Chromatec" importance of the topic and understand the issues of training are paying attention.

One-rig closed Amsonic is a unique Swiss-made equipment. In Russia such equipment is delivered for the first time. It provides full details of the wash cycle without pre-treatment or soaking.

Chromatograph — A device that is used for chromatographic separation and analysis of mixtures. The structure of the chromatograph are:
 1. system to enter the studied mixtures (samples);
 2. chromatographic column;
 3. detection device (detector);
 4. recording system and temperature control;
 5. selective devices and receivers for the separated components (for preparative and. production chromatographs).


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