Chronicle of paranormal and mystical phenomena




 Offer readers a small selection from a vast record chronicles the paranormal.


   1453. Holland, Amsterdam. Thousands of residents of the medieval town saw a lot of dark gray and black balloons flying high in the sky in all directions.


   1473. Russia, the Urals, the village of Copper. Hunters netted a giant brown bear weighing nearly a ton and a mouth into which fits an adult head.


   1503. Turkey, Istanbul. 37-year-old water-carrier who sold the water on the area of the severed head, suddenly disappeared, dropping his mug on the rocks. Seven days later, he suddenly appeared out of thin air at the same place, scaring others. The questions of relatives and friends about where he was, water carrier began to tell such incredible things that he considered insane and placed in an institution.


   1539. America, Florida. Coastal residents of the extreme southern tip of Florida in the dusk seen from the ocean with a wild roar soared into the sky a huge silver ball that hung over the bank, and then disappeared into the night sky in a fraction of a second. About an hour later a ball back and immediately crashed into the ocean a few miles from the coast, raising strong emotion.


   1609. Germany, the village Zollner. Here, on a Sunday, angering a disobedient child 27-year-old Greta Umbrella cried in their hearts, "To you fail, damned rascal!" In front of a shocked mother and a crowd of onlookers 7-year-old son of Greta suddenly fell into the ground above the knees. When it started to extract from the ground, the baby cried terribly and died.


   1699. England, Norfolk. In the local tavern fought three village boys. One of them was hit in the neck Spatchcock, breaking through it. Blood almost did not go, and the village surgeon, fearing that it will flood if the pull tool, ordered the blacksmith otpilis both ends of the almost meter steel rod in the finger thick. Fairly tormented, smith did the work. Interestingly, the wounded drunk gradually recovered and lived with the rod in the neck of another 27 years, until firmly drunk, drowned in the pond. This fact is recorded in the church book Minethemskogo parish.


   1734. Atheist Adrian Gates was standing in the church of Lille, France, and loudly berated all the congregation of believers in God. Suddenly, a bright flame engulfed the blasphemer, and he burned to the ground in front of the affected members. Flames rose by 6-foot height, but none of the believers did not get the slightest of burns. No less strange and that in the Church there was nothing scorched — neither sex nor pews.


   1759. Scotland, Glengulak. In July was heavy downpour, then hail the size of an apple. All tiled roofs of the houses were broken from trees knocked all the leaves and fruits, has suffered many animals were killed 11 people, including seven children.


   1801. Italy, Naples. Online fishermen Manolo Penya and Peppo patients from the village Kuembro got "water woman". It was a creature of about 160 cm long, with a woman's head, long hair and torso, below the knee, ending with a luxurious tail. After spending a day without water creature began to die. Then the fishermen released a mermaid in the sea, and the next day reported it to the police and reporters.


   1833. U.S. Rompok-Reyg. In the California Valley in the sand cave discovered a human skeleton with a 3.6 meter long double row of teeth.


   1866. England, Rennes. After the storm over the village in 12-year-old Peter Globa on the back and sides have a clear picture of oak, which went off only after six months.


   1886. USA, Missouri. Farmer Walt Manson and three of his sons came under terrible force lightning. Manson himself was killed and two boys fell unconscious, and Dempen, the youngest, has disappeared without a trace.


   1891. U.S. Kritenden, Arizona. At the local cemetery accidentally dug up a stone carved sarcophagus intended for human use six-meter height.


   1905. England, Derby. Forty-five girls, pupils of the guest house, while shouting and ceased only after a minute. The cause of this phenomenon no one could explain.


   1931. USA, Dallas, Texas. The dog guarding the sheep farmer Scott Miles suddenly attacked dived from the sky … pterodactyl, extinct prehistoric flying reptile, who tried to carry 70-kilogram Hungarian shepherd in the mountains. Fortunately, next to Miles himself was armed with a powerful shotgun. From a distance of 15-17 meters, he struck the lizard of the two trunks, and when the wounded monster huddled on the ground, took another shot at point blank range. Three days of a farmer holding the corpse of a pterodactyl on the glacier, while behind him came not biological scientists from the University of Arkansas. Sensation rounds of all American newspapers.


   1938. U.S., Delta, Utah. Found a 45-inch footprint "of the fossil man sandals." Approximate age of the fossils — about 250 million years old.


   1947. On one of the atolls of the Pacific Ocean found the skeleton of a Cyclops with a bullet hole in his head. Apparently, the 2.5-meter-long creature with a huge forehead and eye socket in the middle of an eight-inch horn was shot by one of the Japanese soldiers who attended these atolls on warships.


   1959. Russia, the village Maltsev. In the morning the farmer Gregory Toporkov awoke to find in the middle of a dirt floor of their ramshackle hut of his grandfather's grave is not known how to get over for three miles from the cemetery. I will lay the grave, peasants found almost decayed coffin with a human skeleton inside.


   1969. USA, Charleston, Virginia. Exploded about fifty graves of more than 20 years ago.


   1990. Brazil, Teresina. Bypassing early in the morning in his place, the police found Carlo Labreyra incomprehensible thing. Externally, it was like a small turtle, but made of metal. By publishing clicking, "turtle" was moving along the road. When police began to overtake her, she accelerated the course, and then promptly began to dig into the ground. A minute later it was gone completely underground. The two men began to dig up the ground after the "turtle", but by digging a 4-foot pit, found only a handful of hot ash.

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