Chukotka — the territory of treasures

Russia — the world’s leading gold mining. Many people think that the spring season begins miners who washed the old gold on a large metal plates. In fact, everything is not so.

Prior to the first drilling rig with a remote control were drillers with mountain punches. It is easy to install paving the way across the Arctic permafrost to the Chukchi gold, moving prey at speeds of 4.5 meters per day.

"It is not the physical work for 80% and 80% — mental work" — and said. about. chief engineer of the gold mining company Andrei Zverev.

Closer than 50 meters are not suitable. The only way — to move underground in a special machine. Boots with steel toes, glowing jacket, oxygen mask, self-rescuer, hard hat, safety glasses — no other choice. Gold mining — perhaps the most traumatic company.

Production is hard to imagine, but you can, if you know that one devyatitonny lift at a time raises no more than 100 grams of gold.

What is the net profit will not tell anyone — a trade secret. But gold in this ore is clearly enough to be here to work more than one generation of miners. Local residents, college graduates from across the country flocked here for a high salary.

"We have to get the hammer to become a real drifter. Due to this, of course, have run out of steam at 100 percent and achieve success," — said Dmitry sinker Kutno.

Watch — four weeks. Seven hundred people mined accept, process the ore in the precious metal in two shifts 24 hours a day.

Gold born in stages. The first — crushing plant. Huge boulders are gradually turning into sand to highlight as a result of it "tsvetnyak," as they say here. Then — in the furnace.

"It turns chushechki. Up to 10% gold. 5-10% of all junk. Other — Silver" — said the smelter gold mine Yegor Vysotsky.

Under the wheels of mining machines, next to which "KamAZ" seems small car — tons of pure natural wealth. Dome Mine in Chukotka gold-bearing province — one of the richest in the world.

According to the deputy chief geologist Alexander Sanaeva that one sample can contain up to 50-60 grams of gold.

Mandatory technological procedure, so-called science: it is impossible to take the ore directly, you must first examine the perspective of the metal.

The price of gold is falling, but production in Chukotka — a paradox — is growing rapidly. Jewelry with nuggets in jewelry stores Kolyma and are in great demand today.

"Necklace, where a huge nugget, framed in gold 585, looks gorgeous, because there is a large piece of gold," — says the assistant director of network yuvelirynh stores Lyudmila gold particles.

Drifter Zurab Santeladze came to the Far East 20 years ago from Georgia. Sons David and Anton childhood seen in the vicinity of Magadan precious washed sand. Now the mountain master Santeladze work in Chukotka at the source, as they say themselves, "new heavy" gold.

"When I lived a broad, rich, and more content. Soul rejoices — will issue more, the factory is more than willing, so we get more," — said Zurab.

Canadians — the largest shareholder in the joint venture. For four years here have extracted the largest amount of gold in Russia — 93 tons. Coming increased spending, stop the exploration of new deposits is not yet profitable. When the mine to work, it turned out to be the most high tech production of gold in the world.

In the tunnels, on the tundra, even in the surrounding lakes — electronic sensors. But the water and soil samples taken by hand — clean, oil-free and oil spills must stay and tundra, and mountains. The principle of zero discharge — no one gram of waste does not fall on snow or water.

"The Arctic is more vulnerable nature of the intervention of man, because the recovery is very difficult. Control, of course, hard," — said environmental engineer Timur Akhmetov.

Camp miners autonomy as an orbital space station. From residential units to jobs stretch warm arctic corridors. Outside, usually minus 50, you can walk inside the jacket. Facilities — at the very latest computer and consumer electronics.

The entire watch — more calories: soup, meatballs, dessert and famous reindeer in Chukotka. Products, as well as all the necessary equipment for the mine, are imported annually. Half way — the sea, the other half — by winter road. Ice road — almost 400 kilometers. In a region with a population density of 1 person per one hundred square kilometers of it — millions of investments.

"Well, Chukotka develops. People come here to work. Many young," — said the mine operator control center Lydia Magomarova.

Lydia knows better than anyone the price of the gold. However, while a girl from the village of Chukchi Lamutskoe explain the economic viability of the project to their parents-herders and could not. But the family happy.

Gold mining company is sponsoring folk groups, the national sport, building cultural centers, has provided permanent work 1,400 local residents. Agreement for the sale of gold mined in the field already negotiated for eight years. Half of the precious metal remains in Russia and the other half sold on the world market at a fixed price by the state.

Chukotka is called "Treasure territory." Scientists do not know exactly, but suggest that there is concentrated almost a third of the world’s mineral resources — not only gold and silver, but also hydrocarbons.

Most of these treasures is located above the Arctic Circle, where the satellite is not working and there are no roads, so today Chukotka also announces the discovery area — it is open for the bravest of investment projects.

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