Churkin details of the conversation with the ambassador of Qatar

Churkin details of the conversation with the ambassador of QatarFebruary 4, at the time of consultation between the parties in New York on Syria, Qatari Prime Minister Hamad bin Jassim asked the representative RF to the UN Vitaly Churkin an urgent interview. The meeting was accomplished in a room for meetings between representatives of the various members of the UN. Hamad began the discussion by highlighting the significance of this historic moment, and said that Syria's President Assad and pretty strong sign, showing that our homeland will not object to a veto, and Hamad confirmed that there will be a resolution calling for military intervention.

Hamad added that in the case of adoption of the resolution, the Arab countries are ready to review its policy on the supply of weapons, whose budget for the next year is $ 100 billion., including the already concluded obligation by $ 10 billion for the purchase of Russian weapons. Obligations that will be promoted, in accordance with Hamad, to 33 billion dollars.

Churkin said, "I believe you assess the position of the Russian Federation is fundamentally wrong and those who whisper to you that our homeland will be a bargain for its position to the detriment of its relations with Syria are wrong and ignore the strategic importance of the issue. And because we believe this is an obvious attempt to reject corruption and is beyond the scope of our political settlement. "

Hamad in response: "We have conclusions that Bashar Assad has no ability to turn away from your request for a peaceful transfer of power, as presented in the draft resolution."

Churkin retorted: "Your conclusions are incorrect as well as your past, we estimate the number of those who do not recognize the military intervention by the resolution." "What happened in Libya was initially aimed at military intervention, but you and your allies jumped all interpretations of the resolution" to conduct the war in the settlement against Libya. But you forget that Asia — is not Africa, and that we will not accept any resolution that will influence the balance of power in Asia and lead to the materialization of your plans to kill the potential of Syria and especially its military, we will not accept this, I can confirm that. "

Hamad then replies, "Burhan Ghalioun is ready to sign an undertaking to ensure preservation of Russian influence zones in the Mediterranean Sea and all interests in Syria" ….

The ironic answer Churkin in the form of a question: "And you, you signed an agreement with Ghalioun similar to those you get with the Libyans, the right to explore the role of the Yankees, the British and the French? Either this deal is broader and will include a gas pipeline reddish sea-Haifa-Beirut-Banias and Homs may be able to be located on the route of the gas pipeline project and Iran RF ? What do you say now, playing poker in the open, even though I know that you all just an amateur? Since the gas fields in the Mediterranean Sea, in which Israel offered the role of the Russian Federation in exchange for recognition of Israel's sovereignty over the offshore zones by some! "

Hamad realized: "Thus, there is no need to continue, you want to disrupt the Arab resolution, you will lose the Arabs, and you will pay for your position."

Churkin Hamad rises before giving him to understand that the interview is over, puts his hand on my shoulder and says, "I have a meeting with the Syrian representative Jafari about the resolution, but I wish to remind you that your government was not on the map at a time when the Russian fleet has sailed between the waves in the Gulf two centuries back. And remember that story from time to time played as a comedy, so it does not become the hero of this comedy, just as laughter is inappropriate, it is a tragedy that is happening now. "

This quarrel was shown on the channel France24, during which Churkin added, referring to Qatar: "You — a guest at the Security Council. So be respectful. In any case, I'm not referring to for you. I speak on behalf of the stateliness of the Russian Federation, and only with great ".

"Telegrafist" reports that earlier there were reports in the Arab press that the Qatari Ambassador Churkin threatened to kill his country, but in the coming Vitaly Churkin said that such threats "is not his style."

Also remember that now, February 15, Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on awarding Vitaly Churkin Order "For the Motherland awards» IV Degree, writes about RIA announcements. According to the document, Churkin awarded for huge rewards to protect and promote the interests of Russian Federation in the international arena.

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