CIA began transfer of weapons to Jordan and Syrian militants trained there

CIA launched a secret operation to bring weapons to Jordan for Syrian rebels. Information promulgated American newspaper Wall street journal.

According to the publication, to Jordan being transferred small arms andanti-tank missiles (ATGM). This phase of the operation has to take up to three weeks. Then, within two weeks of the CIA will deal with the formation and training of militias to transfer to the territory of Syria.

The operation is carried out in the framework of the announced earlier in June, top U.S. officials plan to increase military and other assistance in force in Syria, armed anti-Government groups.

Washington is in talks with the leaders of several countries, including France, about the transfer of stockpiled weapons in Europe to Jordan. In addition, some of the weapons, including portable anti-tank systems, to supply Saudi Arabia with reference to the wall street journal reports RIA Novosti.

CIA plans to throw in Syria and trained militias Syrian rebels numbering several hundred people each month, starting in August. According to the Washington strategists will allow for four to five months, almost equal the combat capabilities of the rebels and government troops.

U.S. officials have so far declined to comment.

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