City invites artists and craftsmen awaits guests July 7, 2012

"City of Masters" invites craftsmen and waiting for guests July 7, 2012

Last year’s Debut Fair craftsmen "City of Masters", held Beloholunitsk local history museum, proved to be successful on the reviews and the media, and guests, and themselves Beloholunitsk masters, to support which it was conceived. In 2012, the festival extends the format and the event will take place as inter-district.
Citizens and guests of the White Kholunitsa are tastefully plan your day off on July 7, providing for the day a few hours to visit the "City of Masters" and familiarity with the products of local handicrafts. And those who want to show off their own skills, the organizing committee Fair invites to register for the event before June 20, 2012. Terms and conditions of the holiday is included.


of inter-regional exhibition-fair of handicrafts and crafts "City of Masters"

1. Founders Fair

—          Administration Beloholunitsk;
—          Department of Culture Beloholunitsk;
—          MBUK "Belokholunitsky museum."

2. The purpose and objectives of the exhibition-fair

increase the prestige of arts and crafts, folk arts and crafts, the role of the master in the modern world.


—          stimulate the interest of modern masters and club form to the study, preservation and development of folk traditions of arts and crafts;
—          promotion of folk artists to create new artistic works;
—          the identification of talented artists and supporting their creativity;
—          exchange of experience among the masters.

3. Dates of the exhibition

Trade Fair held July 7, 2012 in White Kholunitsa.
— Venue: White Kholunitsa, street Usatova, 2, the area around the building MBUK "Belokholunitsky museum."
— opening 10-30
— Time: from 11-00 to 13-00.

4. Participants and fairs

The exhibition can participate amateurs, studios, workshops, dealing in arts and crafts, etc.

At the trade fair with works in any technique. Each product includes a label measuring 3.0 cm x 7.0 cm with the following information:

— Name author (in full), year of birth, place of residence;

-title of work, material, machinery manufacturing.

 Participants impose a general list of papers presented at the trade fair. If the works are exhibited for sale, lists, and labels indicating the cost of the product.

Specification ie what equipment to put products at the show need to prepare: tables, chairs, table cloth

Application (form attached) are accepted until June 20, 2012 at MBUK "Belokholunitsky Museum" at 613200, the city of White Kholunitsa, street Usatova, 2, 8, tel (83364) 43084 or 89513497312,

e. mail nat.ivkosh @

Director Koshurnikova Natalia Ivanovna.

Due to the fact that the hotel reservation (if someone needs) is made in advance, applications must be submitted on time.

In the framework of the exhibition contests in the following categories:

— competition "Best holunitsky souvenir" for the prize of the mayor.

— competition "Best vyatskiy souvenir" for the prize of the district head.

5. Results of the competition, rewarding 

The winner in the nomination "Best holunitsky Souvenir" prize awards mayor;

The winner of the contest "Best vyatskiy Souvenir" prize awards head Beloholunitsk.

The competition evaluated by a jury composed of:

VA Plotnikov — Head of Culture Beloholunitsk;

Koshurnikova NI — Director MBUK "Belokholunitsky museum";

Shabanov NE — Deputy. director of educational work MBOUDOD children’s art school, the White Kholunitsa.

The main evaluation criteria:

—          a reflection of the national character;

—          possession of the techniques;

—          artistic imagery;

—          artistic value.

All participants will be awarded with letters of thanks.

The jury shall determine in each category one winner who will be awarded with diplomas and valuable gifts. The jury has the right to determine the special prizes.

Gift-winners can be recommended as a souvenir Vjatskogo — the brand of the Kirov region, Beloholunitsk, White City Kholunitsa.

6. Financial conditions

Travel expenses and transportation operations at the expense of the sending organization or personal funds of the participants.


to participate in the inter-regional exhibition-fair of handicrafts and crafts "City of Masters" July 7, 2012, Bila Kholunitsa

1. The area (district, city, town) __________________________________________________

2. Personal information of the participant:

— Name __________________________________________________


— Date of Birth __________________________________________________

— Registered address



3. Individual details of the teacher participant, team leader:

— Name __________________________________________________


— Date of Birth __________________________________________________

— Registered address __________________________________________________


4.Spisok works with the name of the work, year of manufacture, materials, equipment


5. Terms of Reference (a must), ie what equipment to put products at the show need to prepare: tables, chairs, table cloth


6. Hotel reservations: (need / do not need, the number of places)


7. Participation in the contest "The best vyatskiy souvenir" and "Best holunitsky souvenir"


Signature of the sending organization


ALL fields are obligatory!

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