CJSC Aviasistemy accelerates work on creating WIG AMS-400 Odyssey

CJSC "Aviasistemy" expects a significant acceleration of the project WIG AMC-400 "Odyssey" From January 2012, the general director of the company Alexander Makienko.

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According to him, currently being searched for future production facility for the manufacture of WIG.

It is expected that the WIG will be created in the configuration of a business saloon. Later, however, does not exclude the development and construction of airfoil for various purposes, including patrol.

The winged AMS-400 "Odyssey" is created in the class "B", that is to be operated at intermediate altitudes ("with jumps"). As the power plant is planned to install the engine M601 Czech-made, widely exploited in Russia, said the source.

As previously reported, the project AMS-400 "Odyssey" performed R & D successfully tested the model in the wind tunnel of TsAGI, also conducted tests of the model in the hydraulic canals TsAGI. The results of the tests yielded positive conclusions of experts head of branch research institutes. In addition, the developer has previously specialists have already been worked out structural strength and developed the first lofting drawings — all the sections on the wing and fuselage. There is an ongoing development of the design and technical documentation.

With regard to the further development of the design concept winged AMC-400, A.Makienko reminded that patrol winged AMS-410 "Sea Hunter" is similar to a civilian vehicle aerodynamics and technology and comparable take-off weight. According to the project also tested in TsAGI hydraulic canals and blowing in the wind tunnel of about 300 hours.

It is known that in the study of the company are a few different options perspective family unit. One — AMS-400-30 of up to 30 m, designed to carry up to 50 passengers. The power plant consists of two TV7-117.

CJSC "Aviasistemy" is a private Russian company, its shareholders — individuals. The company designs, builds and tests light multipurpose general aviation, as well as airfoil designs and aerodynamic ground. Design office of the company formerly numbered about 120 people, design and engineering staff (excluding the production staff).

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The winged A-90 "Eaglet" at the Museum of the Navy in Tushino, Moscow

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