CJSC INTERSKOL — a Russian manufacturer of power tools

Interesting in its history of creation and development of the company INTERSKOL! Production of the means of production, in this case, electric tools — is the cornerstone of any economy!
Scientific and Production Company (SPC) "INTERSKOL" was created in 1991, based NGOs VNIISMI (Scientific and Production Association All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of the construction of mechanized hand tools and construction and finishing machines). It was the head of the branch enterprises, the leading developer of construction of the power for the 17 manufacturing plants.
In 1996 SPC "INTERSKOL" becomes a major shareholder VNIISMI. The accumulated experience of engineering schools, laboratories, patents and design documentation industry laid the foundation of the Scientific and Technical Center (NTC) "INTERSKOL."
In 1998 he started cooperation with the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant (IMZ), a known arms manufacturer. "INTERSKOL" launches drills, angle grinders, planers, saws and jigsaws. In two years, the production of power grows almost tenfold, from 45,000 to 420,000 units per year.
In 2002, in the Moscow region Bikovo created their own works for the production of power? Bykovskii elektroinstrumentalny Plant (BEZ). Excretion on a designed capacity thereby doubling production capacity.
The number of official authorized service centers in Russia is 200 and growing. This is one of the best indicators of security after service among large companies on the domestic market. People who use the tools every day, appreciate the ability to quickly and inexpensively fix it in almost all regions of the country.
Scientific and Technical Center "INTERSKOL" is the successor to the School of Engineering VNIISMI. With the growth of production, marketing and product line complexity, engineering service companies increased by attracting leading industry engineers, both Russian and foreign.
To improve the quality of products "INTERSKOL" today has the best engineers from the factory Dower, Daugavpils (Latvia), Izhevsk Mechanical Plant, Beloretsk plant of power tools, the company Casals, TUV, HILTI, and Husqvarna. Following the acquisition of the Italian company in the command "INTERSKOL" includes engineers FELISATTII.
Renewed a contract with an Italian engineering company «Caleidos», which 35 years has designed a professional tool for FELISATTII. With the purchase of the plant in Spain, "INTERSKOL" received another modern R & D base of specialized professional tools.
Technical skills of employees’ INTERSKOL "allows for the development of standards for Russian power in accordance with the Program of the National Standardization of the Russian Federation to the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology of the Russian Government.
At the end of 2010, the company "INTERSKOL" four main areas:
— Works in Bikovo (FELISATTI Italian company was bought during the crisis and its equipment is exported to Russia), Moscow region. It is also the pilot production;
— Spanish plant in Ripoll (INTERSKOL POWER TOOLS SL);
— Two joint ventures in China: in Dzinhua (Interskol Crown Group) and Shanghai (Interskol manufacturing Ltd.).
Every company has a greater depth of production? produce all the key components and perform assembly operations. If the accessories there are specialty plants, depending on the installed equipment and the technology used, the range of products on the assembly varies depending on market needs, economic and logistical feasibility. The same product can be collected at different factories. For example, cross-cut saws and hammers going in Russia, and Spain from components manufactured at different factories belonging to the industrial group "INTERSKOL."
A small part of the production "INTERSKOL" produced by specialized third-party partner enterprises in different countries, including Taiwan, China, South Korea, Slovenia, as well as a number of big-name companies such as Global Garden Products GGP? gardening equipment (Italy), Sparky — Hammers (Bulgaria), Izhevsk Mechanical Plant (Russia), Starmix — vacuum cleaners (Germany).
At the end of 2008, "INTERSKOL" has acquired well-known Italian company FELISATTI? manufacturer of professional power tools and woodworking equipment. FELISATTI is the inventor and founder of the mass production of portable miter saws and is considered one of the world leaders in the production of woodworking equipment. At various times, its products are marketed to leading companies such as Bosch, Metabo, Flex, Kress, Wuerth and others.
In 2009, the entire production complex with the Italian factory in the city of Ferrara, was transported to the plant in Bikovo. Already in December, received the first products wholly produced in Russia, and in January 2010 the first batch of miter saws with a Russian factory FELISATTI dealers were sent to France, Greece and Morocco.
Thus, "INTERSKOL" was the first and only Russian manufacturer of power tools, export products to Europe. Investing more than 100 million rubles. in the modernization of the plant in Bikovo, "INTERSKOL" today has one of the most high-tech factories in the civil engineering industry of the Russian Federation.
In addition to miter saws at the factory in Bikovo is launching production of several more complex professional products for design documentation FELISATTI, such as Angle cutter, grinder with electronics polishing machines for concrete, etc.
The acquisition in 2010, the Spanish plant CASALS HERRAMIENTAS, located to the north of Barcelona in Ripoll (Ripoll), allowed to expand the product range of professional class. At its most famous squares in Europe factory, founded the company INTERSKOL POWER TOOLS SL, were used all the resources and best design. The plant produces the well-known brand line of Freud Industrial, which are delivered to customers all over the world, mainly? in the United States and Canada.
Spanish factory "INTERSKOL" has one of the most modern technological equipment of parks such plants in Europe. In 2003-2005, the plant has passed the technical retooling. Today, there exists a complete set of advanced automated metalworking equipment and four automatic production line of electric motors. Engineering Center of the plant has a well-equipped laboratory and pilot production. At its base, "INTERSKOL" forms the corporate R & D center for rotary hammers and other striking techniques.
In 2011, the company plans to introduce innovation — Valve engine. For "INTERSKOL" innovation-flavor developed by specialists of Izhevsk Mechanical Works (IMZ), together with scientists from the Novosibirsk State University. This team has maintained its jurisdiction since the major technology project in 1980?’s When IMZ was commissioned to create high-precision gyroscopes for defense. Three decades later, the school commissioned interskolovtsev developed valve engine (HP) — an alternative to conventional electric motors, which are equipped with all kinds of power tools.
The base valve engine — permanent magnets. They are good because unlike the conventional electrical circuit contacts never burn out the motor from overloading. The second advantage of HP — no gear wear and other mechanical components. The two-valve engine features provide an enviable vitality. "Conventional engines, which are now used in power tools, live long, only a maximum of three five hours. In comparison, the valve motor is practically eternal, its life of more than ten thousand hours ", — says Sergey bass.
The second life of dignity after VD — economy. "The power to weight in grams of the engine valve and a half times greater than the convent
ional collector. This will save 15-20 percent of electricity — says Sergey Nazarov. — And the efficiency of the new engine is significantly higher: 70-75 percent compared to a traditional 55 ". There is at high pressure and a third important advantage — it works absolutely silently.
Valve engines have long been used, particularly in stationary industrial machines. However, all attempts to create modifications for hand tools so far failed: the product was obtained uncompetitive. For example, HP for miter saws designed for the American company Black & Desker, was more expensive than the entire Saw with traditional motor. Russian engineers apparently managed to make innovation cheaper: according to Sergei Nazarov, the price will be higher than the price HP traditional maximum of 10-15%.
To integrate HP in hand tools, it took not only to minimize the size and weight of the engine, but also create its "brains" — an electronic control system that would have smoothed peaks at the entrance of the working item in the tree, picked up for each type of wood the optimum speed and etc. We can now say that the team of Izhevsk and Novosibirsk professionals cope with this task. Currently, engineers’ INTERSKOL "carry out tests of prototypes valve engines. Exit innovations to market is scheduled for 2011. Across the industry it will be a real revolution.
The new engines will recruit up to 20% of all woodworking tools "INTERSKOL." The first will be from the line of miter saws Felisatti, HP will install them immediately after completion of the tests and sent for export. With this innovative product, "Interskol" will be released in the first place in the world in terms of sales professional miter saws.

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