CJSC Mal’tsovsky Portland (Bryansk region) has commissioned a new high electrostatic

 Photo source:bryanskobl.ru

According to experts, the new filter will ensure compliance with current health standards for emissions. It is reliable, economical and very effective.
Since its launch, allows a 40% reduction in dust content in flue gases from the furnace and provides a level of treatment, corresponding to the European standards of environmental safety.

 Photo source:bryanskobl.ru

"Today could be a modern, high-tech company that just — said Nikolay Denin — which not only shows the financial stability, but also provides ecological security".

Construction and commissioning of air pollution control facilities on a rotating furnace number 7, made by a French technology company "Alstom Power Stavan", carried out in the framework of a comprehensive program of modernization of the holding "EUROCEMENT groups", designed in 2013. The savings it generates more than 250 million rubles. Previous electrostatic domestic production was established in the mid-70’s of the last century and was completely exhausted its resources.
In July of this year Mal’tsovsky Portland allocated 20 million rubles for repairs to local schools, kindergartens and roads

At present, the production capacity of the plant "Mal’tsovsky Portland" is 4 million tons of cement per year. At the plant are 8 production lines, 8 rotary kilns, cement 13 and 4 raw mill and 4 gidrofola. Working area of the plant — 160 hectares. Chalk quarry area — 1,300 acres, career clay — 400. Cement, available here, buy construction organizations in Ukraine, Belarus and Finland. The bulk of production is shipped by rail to the Bryansk, Kursk, Orel and Moscow region to other regions. In the first six months of this year, the company produced almost 1.3 million tons of cement, more than 1.5 million tons of clinker. Were shipped 1,338,000 tons of cement, including — 96,000 tons of bagged.

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