CJSC Mint timber opened in Sverdlovsk Region workshop producing arbolita

CJSC "Mint timber" launched in the village Mint Berezovsky urban district, Sverdlovsk region a new shop for recycling a timber production.

Construction of the plant started in March 2013. Today, the new equipment purchased Zlatoust,
the company began to produce pilot-scale production of wood chips and cement — derevobeton arbolit and paving tiles.

"Now we are engaged in product certification for its further implementation. While working in the shop, only about a dozen people. In the future the number of employees will be increased to forty. Pilot-scale production, which lets shop we use for personal purposes, in particular, even though the building of the new plant is built of arbolita own production ", — said the head of Alexander Nikolaenko timber.

Still, the main activity of "Coin timber" is the production of sleepers and poles for power lines. It should be noted that for the antiseptic they use innovative technology with spetspropitki "Ultan", developed by the Institute of Chemistry, Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences together with the Ural Forestry University.

"Even in the difficult economic situation in the country is the entity retains jobs for its 180 employees, continues to modernize production. Now they will produce low-cost building materials for low-rise construction ", — said Acting Deputy Minister of Industry and Science of the Sverdlovsk Region Governor Vyacheslav Tyumentsev.


Arbolit (derevobeton) — a building material, which includes processed wood chips, sealed with cement. This material combines the properties of stone and wood. Arbolit has high thermal insulation performance, is non-combustible material, do not shrink and does not rot unlike wood.

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