CJSC Rusatom Service has signed a contract for the modernization of the sixth

unit of NPP "Kozloduy"

CJSC "Rusatom Service" signed a contract, according to which will be repaired turbine rotor Bulgarian NPP "Kozloduy" and made a new turbine generator stator for the sixth unit of the plant, designed by PWR-1000. The document was signed on 12 February, the Executive Director of NPP "Kozloduy" Valentin Nikolov and General Director of CJSC "Rusatom Service" Michael Kontserevym.

"New stator will have an increased electrical capacity of 1100 MW, 100 MW greater than the currently running. Work will be performed in 2014 and is the next step in the strategic life extension of existing nuclear power plants in the blocks. Increased thermal power reactors up to 104% will produce an additional amount of electricity, "- said in a press release issued by the NPP" Kozloduy ".
The bulk of the work will be to carry out OJSC "Power Machines", which is a partner of "Rusatom Service" in the framework of the signed contract. Cooperation between JSC "Rusatom Service" and OJSC "Power Machines" on the basis of the agreement signed between the companies in 2012, providing for joint work in the markets of Bulgaria, Armenia and other countries. Encased thanks to the efforts of the two companies deal is one of the largest in recent years in the field of modernization of NPP equipment built abroad on projects reactors.
For reference:
CJSC "Rusatom Service" is a subsidiary of the State Corporation "Rosatom" and engaged in maintenance and repair, as well as the modernization of the Russian-designed nuclear power plants.
NPP "Kozloduy" is located in Bulgaria, 200 km north-east of Sofia and 5 km to the east of Kozloduy on the Danube River. The first unit was commissioned in 1974. Power unit number 5 of NPP "Kozloduy" with VVER-1000 has been put into commercial operation December 23, 1988, unit number 6 — December 30, 1993. Both units have successfully completed modernization in 2005-2006 and currently meet the safety requirements of the EU. The deadline for the renewal of the license to operate the 5th power is October 31, 2017, for the 6-th power — October 2, 2019.

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