CJSC VAGONMASH transferred to the State Unitary Enterprise Petersburg Metro cars next project Neva

CJSC "VAGONMASH" transferred to the State Unitary Enterprise "Petersburg Metro" cars next project "Neva", which allows you to create a full-fledged part of the six experienced coaches to conduct all necessary tests to permit use of cars with passengers.

 Photo source:metro-photo.ru

The first three cars were handed over to the subway in March this year and has already been in custody "Neva" start-up and run-in test, including on the line, with a maximum design speed of 90 km / h All traffic control system, traction drive and braking systems have been established and are operating normally. The cars have shown the required acceleration and deceleration, as well as the necessary length of the braking distances in different types of inhibition with different speeds.
Six-car train, after the delivery of the next three carriages, first run-in will take place in the same tests, in order to make sure the application of the drive and all the other systems. Based on the experience of such tests in the three carriages, today there is no doubt that the results will also be positive.

After that, the train traverses a full range of acceptance tests, with the assistance of specialized and accredited in their fields of activity of the organizations. The test results will be presented to the acceptance committee, which will determine the compliance requirements of the TOR train and make a decision on the possibility of its operation with passengers on metro lines.

NeVa project — the design and development of new subway cars of the fourth generation and the construction of a new high-tech manufacturing innovative type to build the metro. The main objectives of the project is to create an efficient and highly profitable production of a new generation of subway cars. In Russia and the CIS counterparts of similar cars of today is not made.

First of a new electric concept was presented at the II St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum in September 2009. At the end of the year "Neva" was recognized as "Best Innovative Project of St. Petersburg for the needs of the urban economy" and won the St. Petersburg Government, in accordance with the program of Cities to support innovation.

In 2011, is expected to receive a certificate of conformity for subway cars "Neva" followed by participation in the tender for the supply of 6 cars for the State Unitary Enterprise "Petersburg Metro."

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