CJSC VolgAero — the manufacturer of aircraft engines

October 1 the delegation of the Republic of France, led by the country’s ambassador to Russia Jean de Gliniasty visited located in Rybinsk (Yaroslavl region). Russian-French joint venture ZAO "VolgAero." From mid-2010 through the combined efforts of JSC "NPO" Saturn "and the Safran Group is producing SaM 146 engines for regional aircraft SSJ100-95.

  • The delegation included representatives of the Safran group companies and organizations "Alliance Francaise"
  • The delegation included representatives of the Safran group companies and organizations "Alliance Francaise"

The work of the Russian-French enterprise is built on a parity basis: half of the investment from the French side, half — of the "Saturn", 50% of the work carried out the French, 50% — the Russian side. For example, a French company responsible for the "hot part" of the engine — it’s gas generators, turbines, and the Russians — for "cold part" (blades, etc.)

"Safran" and "Saturn" is fully synchronized its production — the number of "hot" parts corresponding to the number of "cold." Final assembly takes place in Rybinsk. There are bench testing engines, and then they are sent to Komsomolsk-on-Amur, where installed in aircraft.

Now motors are designed for machines with a capacity of 95 passengers. But the peculiarity of the joint Russian-French production that engine design makes it easy to adapt it for the small 75-seat airplanes, and for the impressive 115-seater.

22 of these engines have been installed on 11 aircraft that carry passengers on routes of the CIS. Since the beginning of 2012 the plant collected 40 engines. Now the company produces 4 — 5 pieces per month by the end of the year plans to achieve the level of 6 engines. The task for 2013 — double the number up to 96 engines per year. In the future, the annual increase should amount to an average of 50 units.


— This plant is striking in its purity, it even seems that he was in hospital. This means that enterprise managers take care of the comfort of their employees, — said M. de Gliniasty. — France is ranked third in terms of investment in the Russian economy, the French business is doing well, realizing the stable development of Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region and throughout Russia.

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