Cleaning in the Arctic

All the planned Russian Ministry of Natural Resources in 2012 the collection of waste on the island of Alexandra Land archipelago Franz Josef met.

To date, Alexandra Island exported for recycling 1,892 tons of steel drums, collected, processed and posted to the site for shipping 4,797 tons of solid waste. Fully implemented conservation 1744 tons of fuel and lubricants. Conducted technical reclamation area of 50 hectares.

Are currently in the process of sorting, loading and compacting waste cargo ship "Ivan Ryabov." The ship will take out a large amount of scrap all the land, machinery and equipment for the prevention and routine maintenance, and the rest of the personnel of the expedition.

An expedition to the island of 150 people, 50 units were delivered a heavy off-road vehicles, tractors and bins. In the North Bay have been specified torches to burn off fuel and lubricants from rusty barrels. After the burning of combustible materials barrel pressed.

In addition to the barrels was produced disposal of bulky waste — remnants of machinery and rusted hulls of buildings.

In 2013, work will begin on the island Graham Bell.

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