Climate change is more real than real

Climate change is more real than the real weather and climate

Widely debated hurricane Sandy gave the U.S. East Coast this sink. Heavy rain, flooding and squally winds resulted in widespread destruction and the cascading effect of extinction of electricity and problems with transport links. Fallen pillars with electric cables caused the fire and shock people with electricity. Economic activity of the coast to a halt due to the temporary closure of enterprises and public services. The saddest thing is that the vast majority of the affected areas last year experienced similar hardships during Hurricane Irene.

Cleaning sand from the road after Hurricane Sandy on Long Beach, New Jersey, USA. 10/31/2012.
A question arises: what is it, a fatal coincidence or is it a natural consequence of global climate change? with absolute certainty can not be said either that or the other, but the general direction in which you need to think clearly visible. A report of the Interstate Commission on climate change was made to say that changing climatic conditions lead to changes in the frequency, intensity, duration, and time frame extreme weather and climate events. This opinion in the scientific community supports a variety of specialists.
If we analyze the data from around the world, we do not see evidence that the number of hurricanes has increased. But the obvious is that track their movement goes beyond the line of the tropical climate zone further north. Clearly observed associated with this growth trend of economic losses and constant rising sea levels. On average, compared to 1900 it rose by 15 cm with a little. Such modest numbers can someone absolutely nothing to surprise, but little change regarding global processes can be scale effects.
A classic example of this situation will flood caused by a tidal wave. If the height of the waves below the top of the thickness of the sea for 2-3 cm width, I keep no danger. Once the wave is higher for the same value, it leads to flooding. And if the level of water in the ocean, even in repose increases, then any high wave invariably leads to disaster.
How did battle with the elements? Organizations that work on this profile, you need to be based on three principles: preparation, response and recovery. Many times it is best to take, based on previous experience and analyzing it. But it is also important to engage in forecasting and to actively apply new developments in the prevention of natural disasters, not just expect a similar precedent by nature. For example, for the arrival of Sandy really prepared and did a great preventive work at a high level.
Important to constantly work on the ground, accounting for infrastructure planning, the construction of housing for climate change, population, and the overall development of the world situation, the drainage due place in such events issues related to the management of natural disasters. And of course, never overestimate the seriousness of the issue of climate change, the presence of which there is little doubt.

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