Clinic on wheels travels to the village of Volgograd

In the villages of the Volgograd region continues its work of regional mobile diagnostic system. The next paragraph of the "clinic on wheels" was the village Bereslavka Kalachevsky in the area.

In one day, to physicians surveyed 25 people. Maintenance inspections are conducted therapist, surgeon, endocrinologist and gynecologist. All residents received a so-called "gold standard" rapid diagnosis — measurement of blood pressure, thyroid ultrasound, ECG and blood sugar. The survey results were each treatment accordingly. In the provincial Ministry of Health explained that for such trips mobile center is equipped with all necessary equipment, doctors are receiving the whole day.

Last year, it held 20 such medical techniques have been diagnosed more than 5,000 people. According to experts, this mobile system allows quick survey of patients, identifying the disease at an early stage, which is several times more efficient treatment.

Next exit reception in Kalachevsky area will take place in April. Regional Ministry of Health has planned to spend than adults, and even children’s checkups. For this to come to the village of mobile pediatric clinic.

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