Clothing production opened in g.Gavrilov Yam (Yaroslavl region).

August 12 on the territory of "Gavrilov-Yam Flax" inaugurated clothing manufacture, LLC "Gavrilov-Yam linen." The company has provided the residents of 46 jobs. In the future, the number of manufacturing jobs could double.

New production has received a grant of 1 million 200 thousand rubles for the municipal target program "Support and Development of Small and Medium Enterprises monocity Gavrilov-Yam." This garment production in the future is able to carry out orders, making flax linen for the Olympic Games in Sochi.
— The opening of the new venture — a very significant event. A large role in his organization played a sense of purpose, activity, optimism workers and leaders of clothing manufacture. There is hope that the linen industry in the region will begin to recover, — said the director of the public relations department of the Yaroslavl region Pavel Isaev.

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