Clouds packed …

Oxygen Water

White clouds — artesian water enriched with oxygen by a unique technology (high water). Now you can not only know the taste of the cloud, but also get energy given to us by air.
The increased oxygen content of the water gives an unprecedented freshness and elevates to an excellent degree of its impact on the human body.

Water and oxygen helps:

— Improve vitality;

-recovery from stress — both physical and mental;

— Relief of headaches;

— Removal of hangover;

— Removal of toxins from the body.

People who are constantly working at a computer can use this water to quickly deal with fatigue and better focus. If you use this water constantly, it will successfully maintain muscle activity and purify the body.

The production process of water due to oxygen unique formula of oxygen in the water, whereby substantially all of the oxygen is absorbed and enters the gastrointestinal tract. Proven that no other product can increase the oxygen content in the blood. Large amounts of oxygen in the blood contributes to the acceleration of redox processes in the body that increases the effectiveness of its work.

Water Sports

The very nature gave us this recipe. Since ancient times, it was noted that in some water sources from time to time is especially tasty and exhibits unique properties — fatigue, energizes. Most often, this phenomenon was observed in spring water after the storm, mountain waterfalls and water flowing underground water sources. It was later found and an explanation — is the high content of oxygen in this water.
Unfortunately, the nature of the oxygenated water — is rare and short-lived, because the dissolved oxygen in the water is returned to the air and the water loses its "power."
Today VNV spritzers Beverages found a way to preserve and enhance this effect. Water production standard O2 Sport is a natural process of saturation of the natural artesian water with pure oxygen. According to the patented technology, the water is transferred to its natural gaseous state — the fog is mixed with oxygen and for those already enriched with oxygen returns to its original state. Thus, not only violated the primordial structure of the water and reached its maximum saturation of oxygen, but there is a strengthening of the structure of water. Water is like an extra internal energy. Ice crystals have a water right shape and look as if they light up the rays of the rising sun.
"Charged" in our water oxygen quickly relieves fatigue, energizing, but most importantly, significantly improves aerobic and anaerobic endurance. Not for nothing, oxygen-rich water standard O2 Sport has received the recognition it deserves in professional sports, and introduced into the diet of many special services.

in the company of water well

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