Coal mining began in the new lava in the North wing of the mine Komsomolskaya

Mine "Komsomolskaya" of "Vorkutaugol" — one of the largest coal producers in Russia, a member of the JSC "Severstal", — beginning of coal mining in the new lava with reserves of more than 1.16 million tonnes of coking coal. In the working face mounted modern equipment from leading manufacturers. Investment project — more than 715 million rubles.

"From the preparation of new stopes depends on the result of the entire enterprise. We hope that the timely launch of the planned longwall mine will successfully execute the business plan for this year ", — said the director of the mine" Komsomolskaya "Yuri Konov.

Inventories of new lava — 1.16 million tonnes of coking coal grade F (2G). After reaching full production capacity culling will work with a load of 75,000 tons per month. Testing of lava is scheduled for completion in August 2013. This is the penultimate in the lava The north wing mines, after working this year and next face — to 912-mining — the work will move to the South Block, who "Komsomolskaya" started to learn this year. Inventories of South Block of 8.8 million tonnes of coking coal grade F (2G).

In preparing the new lava used a number of innovations have made possible the reassembly of equipment and start production as soon as possible, subject to a high level of security. In operation, the miners have mastered the new technology work for the mine tunnel boring machine in combination with a self-propelled carriage. This has significantly improved the pace of preparation workings. Doing tunnel works using self-propelled rail cars is one of the most advanced technology to date. Almost all of mine "Vorkutaugol" use this technology.

In the conduct of preparatory mining preceding, top coal mining, special attention was paid to safety. Part of the mine workings to improve the reliability completed with special events.

The new lava opened a new set of modern high-efficiency equipment, consisting of roof supports Ostroj Czech-made, face conveyor Angers-34 and the German mining shearer Eickhoff SL-300. Mechanized system was designed and constructed under the special task "Vorkutaugol." With its unique technology used in the production and special steels to let the lining in difficult geological conditions of the Arctic. Hydraulics lining is protected from corrosion and mechanical stress. The irrigation system is aimed gob engaged automatically when moving the roof support. This will reduce dust levels and, as a consequence, the risk of an accident.

The total investment for the preparation of a new lava, including the preparatory work and the acquisition of new equipment, amounted to more than 715 million rubles.

After the launch of the new lava pit "Komsomolskaya" works in two clearing faces. Lava in reservoir "Fourth" was launched in the summer of this year, and will produce coal until May 2013, followed by a reassembly of equipment to the new working face.


Mine is "Komsomolskaya" is one of the divisions of "Vorkutaugol" (part of JSC "Severstal"). The company works off layers of "Triple" and "fourth" with reserves of coking coal grade F (2G). In 2011, the mine produced approximately 2.2 million tons of coal and its economic indicators recognized as the best company "Vorkutaugol."

JSC "Vorkutaugol" is included in "Severstal Resources" — mining division of OAO "Severstal", and is one of the largest Russian coal industry. In 2011, the company produced 7.6 million tonnes of salable product, which is the main type of coking coal concentrate.

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