Coal terminals in the ports of East and Ust-Luga

In the world export share of coal in 5 countries account for about 70-80% of all exports — this is Australia, Indonesia, China, South Africa and Russia. In previous reports I have talked about the coal mines of "KRU", which is one of the largest coal producers in Russia. The main export shipment of coal produced by sea — he goes to foreign consumers through terminals in two different parts of the country: in Nakhodka (East Port) and near St. Petersburg (the port of Ust-Luga).

East — one of the largest ports in the Far East of Russia. Located in the Primorsky Krai in the Sea of Japan in Wrangel Bay, 20 km from the city of Nakhodka, which is the end point of the Trans-Siberian Railway.

The structure of "East Port" consists of two production and transshipment complex. The first — the only one in the Primorsky Territory Specialized Coal complex system of conveyor equipment and station wagon unloading.
Second — Universal Handling Complex — specializes in the transshipment of coal gripper.

The main cargo — coal mined in Kuzbass.
The volume of shipments of coal products "Kuzbassrazrezuglja" port "Eastern" is 23%

Coal terminal PPK-3 — the largest in Russia specialized terminal for handling coal and coke.
Production and handling facility specializes in the transshipment of coal production with the use of conveyor equipment. Handled more than 80% of the total turnover of the company.
The complex area of 44.5 hectares.

The terminal capacity exceeds 12 million tons per year.

The terminal is equipped with a specialized handling equipment, including: unloading station wagon, a two-car dumpers, a system of conveyor belts carrying coal loading wagons with both the ship and the warehouse, four ship-loaders.

At the terminal for the unloading station has wagons with two tandem car dumper. Process up to 700 cars a day
Also, there are 4 vagonorazmorazhivayuschih devices (simultaneously accommodate 80 wagons)

The level of automation in the PPK-3 reaches about 98.9%.

Storage area of the terminal at the same time allow you to store up to 600,000 tons of coal.
The four stores can be simultaneously taken up to 25 different grades of coal.

At the terminal are 4 and 2 stacker reclaimer

Stacker-reclaimers are used to distribute the load on storage areas and loading on belt conveyors

The control cabin reclaimer

The terminal includes two deep-water berths number 49 and 50 are located on both sides of the coal pier.
The length of each 381 m, the depth of 16.5 meters (East — the deep-water port in the Russian Far East)
The port is navigable throughout the year.

On the quays are 4 ship-loaders with proizvoditelsnostyu 3 tons per hour

The operator shiploader

South Korean bulk carrier vessel "MV C.YOUNG"

By berths can be moored vessels up to 150,000 tons with a draft of 16.0 m and a length of 300 m

Universal Handling Complex PPK-1
Capable of handling dry bulk and general cargo, currently specializes in clamshell coal handling.

loschad complex is 134.7 thousand square meters, with the possibility of simultaneous storage of 200 tons coal products.
Production capacity — 3 million tons of coal per year.

The crane Liebherr L934 unload rail car

This crane is equipped with a bucket, grab and lift cab)

The terminal is equipped with eleven gantry cranes up to 40 tons, two mobile cranes g / n 30 and 64 m, with three overhead reloader g / t p 16-20, wheeled bulldozers. truck tractors with trailers, forklifts of various capacities.

Berths with total length 405 m and a depth of 13.0 m



Construction of the third stage of the complex coal-loading "of East port"
In 2017, the port’s capacity will increase from 17 million to 27 million tons of coal.


Container Terminal JSC "VICS"
Container terminal — one of the largest in Russia specialized terminals for handling containers.
Its capacity — 300,000 containers a year.

The helicopter, from which I shot the port was in 1969!
It is a French helicopter Alouette II. In the words of the FAC, before he was in service in Hungary.
The machine is nimble, but noisy.



Coal terminal in the port of Ust-Luga — the largest coal terminal in the Baltic Sea
33% of shipments of coal produced of "KRU" through this seaport.

Port of Ust-Luga is located on the north-western Russia, Leningrad region, in the Luga Bay of the Gulf of Finland, 70 km from the border of St. Petersburg.

Port started with the opening of a coal terminal in December 2001.
Regular shipments to the coal terminal began in 2002, after the commissioning of the first phase capacity of 4 million tons.
The complex is the second phase took the first ship in January 2006.

On the coal terminal can handle up to 350 cars a day, with full output at full capacity — up to 700 cars

Full capacity of the terminal is 12.4 million tons of coal per year

We can say that today — is the most advanced port processing facility for handling coal.

Handling complex area: 53.2 ha.

On the terminal has 4 stacker-reclaimer MAN TAKRAF

The capacity of each of them is 3,500 tons per hour

The coal terminal has two deep-water berths with a total length of 540 meters and a depth of 14 meters at berths.
The company plans to build and support a third berth length of 200 meters, with a depth at the berth to 12 meters.

The terminal can accommodate vessels — navalochnikov deadweight of up to 50 tons, and after dredging up — 16.0 m can accommodate vessels with deadweight of 70 thousand tons

The operator sudopogruzchika

The company has implemented an information system that allows you to exercise effective control over the production process, to conduct
operational records of cargo, information exchange with OAO "Russian Railways" and customers in real time, introduced a system of electronic document management.

Dust suppression
Simple spraying water storage with coal

Universal Handling Complex, located next door.
Is engaged in coal and iron overload in pigs of cars on marine vessels.


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