Cold storage facility at Klin (Moscow region) opened warehouse industrial complex Gryadkino

November 4, 2011 at Klin cold storage facility was inaugurated warehouse industrial complex "Gryadkino." The main activity of the complex "Gryadkino" is the production and packaging of frozen vegetables and later fruits and berries only domestic manufacturer that meets all standards of industrial safety.


Since 2007, Klin khladokombinat joined the group management company "Atlant Pacific." This allowed the company to reconstruct and re-direction to a vegetable. Today, the group of companies also includes Sergiev Posad and Tver cold storage facilities and one facility in St. Petersburg. Reconstruction of Klin cold storage facility, which began in November 2010, allowed to increase its capacity by 41%.


Previously, the production capacity of the plant allowed to place 5,100 tons of cargo, after the reconstruction of the plant began to accept the deposit of 7,200 tons. This increase was due to more efficient use of cold rooms. The enterprise was made a lot of work, and then bought a new cold storage facility a modern look. As a result, home remodeling has been equipped with a new two-storey production hall, which uses deck, an area of over 800 square meters. m on the packaging of frozen vegetables. The company has provided 25 jobs, and in its modernization has been invested and developed more than 90 million rubles


Currently, the company produces ten species of vegetable mixtures. Such, for example, mixed vegetables with cauliflower, saute with eggplant, vitamin premix, homemade soup, wild, Mexican mix, etc. In the next two years at the plant is planned to create a trading range of 30-40 kinds of frozen vegetables and fruits. The production capacity of the plant is designed to produce 7,000 tons per year. "Today is impractical to supply products from remote regions of the country in the vegetable base, it is expensive and significantly affects the price of the product paid by our customers — said" Radio Wedge "Chairman of the Board of Directors of" Gryadkino "Denis Savrasov.

The most effective way is to build, selection, washing, cutting and freezing vegetables right at the point of production, ie directly to enterprises in the Russian agricultural regions of the country, as we get ready monopozitsii that are fully prepared for the formation of mixed vegetables. After that, our company developed the formulation of mixtures made their blending, packaging, certification and shipment. "

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