Collect a record harvest in Russia opens the prospect of increasing grain exports


MOSCOW, September 13. / Itar-Tass Catherine Slabkovskaya /. In Russia already collected 74.1 million tons of grain, up almost 2 percent more than in the "most prosperous 2009". This was announced today at a conference of agricultural work during the first Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov.
"This dynamic cleaning confirms our initial projections for the harvest of the current agricultural year at 90 million tons," — he said.
Zubkov stressed that these results taking into account crop ending stocks allow you to completely cover the domestic demand for grain and significantly increase exports.
Satisfied Zubkov and harvest vegetables, including potatoes, which indicators exceed the 2009 level by 10 percent / other vegetables by 36 percent / a troubled 2010 — by 83 percent / other vegetables by 17 percent /.
"A good harvest of potatoes, so the price of potatoes is now quite low — from 9 to 17 rubles / kg per / high yield of corn — more than 5 million tons, a good harvest of rice, soybean and sugar beet — almost a record" — with satisfaction he listed.
"These volumes allow us to speak with confidence about overcoming the effects of the drought last year", — concluded the first deputy prime minister.

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