Collection of myths

It is known that Russian liberalism is a rather motley collection of myths generated by all kinds of people — from Novodvorskaia to Navalny, and these myths have roughly the same relationship to reality as a field grasshopper the artisan blacksmith. Similar names, but so what? On this occasion, it is necessary to debunk a few myths of popular liberal (on this subject have already written). Recall that a common place of liberal mythology is the belief that the United States (wider — West) — the citadel of freedom, democracy, honest business, strong and authoritative government, in contrast to Russia, in the opposite way. Let us look more closely.

So, the first myth. About fair elections in the United States.

In the United States, citizens do not vote in elections (unlike Russia). In the U.S., the President is elected so-called. "Electors", and citizens vote only for the fact that the electors of the state where the citizen lives, voted as a majority vote of the state. The piquancy of the situation lies in the fact that in several states the electors under the law (!) Do not have to vote the way the majority of votes, and in those that are required, it is still there were cases when they voted against the will of the voters. And there is nothing for them it was not. That is to compare our voting system and the American — it’s the same thing as the search for the answer to the famous mathematical problem "crocodile flatter than green, or vice versa?" But the apotheosis of idiocy — is to compare, and then another, and to draw conclusions that our system worse. But this is how liberals do, especially Latynina.

It is interesting in light of the above specific example. When in 2000 was the U.S. presidential election, the decisive struggle was between Bush and Gore. The vote count was over, there was only Florida. The gap between competitors had only a few tens of electoral votes. Bush carried — Florida’s executive branch headed by his brother, Jeff, on which great hopes. And my boy does not disappoint. Disadvantaged residents of Florida, especially those belonging to ethnic minorities, were detained and subjected to interrogation. This was done to prevent the vote of those who cited at least once to the police (by law to do so you can). Rich passed without questioning. Then began a thriller. With much of the counting of votes was considered questionable ballots and excluded from the calculation. Democrats demanded accounting excluded ballots, Republicans opposed. Democrats filed to the Supreme Court of Florida, where the majority of Democrats have won and began to recount at City Hall. However, less than a few minutes, as the building stormed some gang scared away all those who count the votes, snatched ballot boxes and carried them toward the horizon. As it turned out (more on that wrote the French "Le Monde" (22.12.2000)), the band began to travel about with drawers on Florida vygadyvaya time that Republicans have filed a lawsuit in court, only to have the U.S. Supreme Court, where the majority of supporters for the Republicans. The court, of course, was in favor of the Republicans, conversion canceled, Bush became president, the gang threw papers into a ditch. The victory took place thanks to the judges of the Supreme Court of the United States, and not the American people. Later it turned out that Gore received 539,847 more votes than Bush, but that’s no one cared in the camp of genuine democracy. All adorable beloudavochnymi Russian "Carousel" and "stuffing" compared with only this story seem like an American classic writing about Henry, "types of Palestine in a magic lantern."    

Myth two: the citizens of the West (U.S.) love their power, trust it, because it is true, as opposed to the same Russian.

In the U.S. office of public opinion Harris Roll since 1966 publishes five statements and records agree or disagree with them. These statements are as follows: 1) The people in the nation do not care what happens to you. 2) People in power want to use you to their advantage. 3) You are not wanted. 4) The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. 5) Your opinion does not go up to anyone interested. When this survey was conducted for the first time, only one-third of the respondents were in agreement with all five statements. In the mid-90s were willing to two-thirds. In the UK in 1986, the country’s leaders have confidence in 57% of the population, and in 10 years — only 22%. In Canada, in the opinion polls two-thirds of respondents believed that "MPs abusing their position and think only about their own benefit." In the United States and Italy in the mid-1990s, only one-tenth of the citizens trust the executive and legislative branches.

Myth three: the power of the United States (in the West) probity alien corruption and lobbying, in contrast to Russia.

In 2003, the London-respectable magazine Economist (28.06.2003) wrote that the U.S. political life — is "lobbying carried out by corporations, fuzzy monetary donations during election campaigns, in other words — the corruption." In the UK, the country’s budget "has a lot of tax breaks individual large private producers. Businessmen get ministerial posts advisers or ministerial portfolios. " In Germany, Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder "supported system of substantial public subsidies inefficient industries." In Japan, "MPs have extensive experience in attracting donations from corporations," and defines the life of the country "symbiosis of big business, the bureaucracy and the leading parliamentary party."

Myth four: the United States (in the West) they honor the opposition, do not touch them, give a talk freely on any topic, and do whatever you want, as opposed to Russia.

During the last election campaign in the U.S. to one of the candidates for president, speaking before a student audience, one of those present began to ask pointed questions about democracy in the United States. After a short time he was seized by several police officers dragged him to the door, and behind the doors, when he began to resist, stun processed.

Directed against M. Moore, who said that the Iraq war started under false pretenses and President Bush was not elected by the people, was organized harassment in the media, which was attended by dozens of newspapers and magazines. When he also took to Cuba for treatment of 10 rescuers, victims of the September 11 attacks, but did not wait for help in America against him and organized the rescue of a newspaper campaign, then brought the case and started investigating judges. (Time, 28.05.2007)

American historian L. Friedman wrote that "throughout American history has never been a period of time without any political crime and political persecution." And today the "criminal prosecution in many cases are politically sensitive." (Freedman L., 1993, 373-374)

In Europe, not better. In 1961, in Paris in October was shot 30000th peaceful demonstration of citizens of Algerian origin. Several hundred people were killed and dozens wounded were thrown into the Seine. In January 1972 the UK had a "Bloody Sunday" and 14 people from the peaceful demonstration were killed. In the United States in the 1960s during the Vietnam War were shot student anti-war demonstrations. In 1968, during the presidential election campaign of Chicago mayor ordered the police to shoot to kill the youth demonstrations.

Myth five: the United States (in the West) there is no censorship, everyone is free to speak, to shoot and draw anything you like, no it does not interfere, in contrast to Russia.

In the mid-2000s in the United States D. Robb’s book "Operation Hollywood: How the Pentagon prepares and censor movies." It turns out that the Penta
gon is actively pushing for filmmakers, not allowing true, but negative information about the U.S. Army and U.S. policies. For those who do not accept censorship, cut budgets do not allow for the shooting technique. In Paris, after the book by Austrian writer P. Handke, where he defended the Serbs during the NATO bombing campaign was started in the media against the writer. He was not allowed on the front pages of justification of the stores have withdrawn his book, and the theater "Comedie Francaise" withdrew his statement. Suffice it to begin with. Although the examples in ten times more. But it is useful to know not to make a fool of myths opposition strollers. As Plautus and Terence said: «Sapienti sat».

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