Combat simulators: the desk is war

In the Russian army, new fitness equipment. These are the exact copies of combat vehicles that mimic the movement and even artillery fire. Education on these simulations several times easier than in the real world, and much safer.

At first, the iron construction soars sharply forward, then falls back. This creates the illusion of reality. At this military simulator driver-mechanics are trained to overcome the complex polygons and minefields. And the training, they say, it’s easier than driving school.

Constantine, junior sergeant, said: "Management is much easier on the fingers literally can explain how everything is done, just need practice." To practice was as diverse as possible, the instructor gives the students each time a new job. And then on the monitor monitors compliance. In one window, you can see how the tank goes over obstacles in the other — if it has deviated from the set marshruta.V this class, the noise and the smell of gunpowder is almost like a landfill. The simulator self-propelled howitzers soldiers learn to take aim, shoot and handle properly. This saves fuel, and most importantly — no risk to life. Here are just a fighting machine outside is not quite like the real thing. But that’s on purpose. As explained by Eugene Shcherbakov, Staff Captain of the first self-propelled artillery deviziona BUT "Star", the simulator is made in section, you can see all units, have access to them. The soldier can see how the one or the other unit as moving elements.

Hone artillery skills here. Classes for officers — like computer quest. The interactive display — a special game program. You can choose the opponent, its coordinates, to determine what the projectiles hit him. Eugene proteins, deputy commander of the second division, explains: "The technical basis of this class are the personal-computers connected by a local area network via a wireless technology."

New interactive simulators military has appreciated. With an annual service life without them now just can not do. Commented Andrew Chigishev, head of intelligence Artillery Brigade 385 of the Central Military District: "With the introduction of simulators facilitates and accelerates the process of training. It provides the security requirements, and the composition is more prepared than ever before." After the classroom soldiers out on the field, get acquainted with this technique to have in the real world to show what they have learned. And to demonstrate whether they can just as easily as in the simulator to overcome, such as the five-meter barrier in depth.

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