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A year ago, the company’s founders Mixville Oleg Andrei and Alexander Finagin decided to make the Russian market for the original chocolate with a variety of options additives. Money for output to retailers was not. Then the company offered its potential customers to create and order a "designer chocolates" on their website, "the designer ingredients."

  • The company entered the market Mixville premium chocolate with 100 thousand rubles and "designer ingredients» Photo: / Russia Look
  • The company entered the market Mixville premium chocolate with 100 thousand rubles and "designer ingredients» Photo: / Russia Look

The idea of Mixville came to a head Oleg Gus’kova and his partner, Alexander Finagin year ago, quite a traditional way. At one point, they thought: why Russia does not have the same thing in Europe. In this case, it was about quality chocolate with a large variety of additives. Partners agreed that the choice of quality chocolate in Russia is not enough, and thinking about his own production.

It soon became clear that out to retailers with a small budget will not work. "For example, to get up on a shelf in a network of" Crossroads "would cost us all money available — says Andrei. — We have come to the conclusion that in order to be competitive in the retail, you need to have either a lot of money or a lot of connections. "

Then the partners have developed a different strategy work — they agreed with the restaurant’s outsourced manufacturing, bought a small batch of ingredients, packaging, and made the site.

"In-depth analysis of the market we have not performed — says Andrei. — Our budget for the launch was 100 thousand rubles, which I won, putting the football match at the "Manchester United". We were 20 years old, and we decided — why not try it? "

All initial costs just missed this sum — 100 thousand rubles. The concept was this: Mixville company has two products — cereals and chocolate. Every product that the user can "construct" their own right on the site. The basis could take one of four types of chocolate or one of eight types of foods. Next to the user turns 120 different ingredients — nuts, fruits, berries, chocolate and even spices and décor. Addition of each ingredient increases the cost of the final product. Chocolate price starts from 155 rubles per 100-gram tile for muesli — from 175 rubles per 330 grams. "Our audience is generally not very sensitive to price," — says Andrei observations.

For the year of Mixville identified in the most popular recipes, which then established the section "Recommended." For example, among the recommended flavors have chocolate Kisses, Darling — it’s white chocolate cream with pineapple, cashew nuts and cinnamon, chocolate "Summer Rush" — white cream with slices of orange, coconut, mango and mint. The price range for the recommended tiles — from 240 to 290 rubles per 120-155 grams. The restaurant paid for the production of 10% of the selling price, the packaging was 5% of the cost in the chocolate, and 20% — in cereals. Profitability was 20-25%. For the first two months of modest able to recoup the initial investment. In partnership with the restaurant Mixville worked for three months.

"Chocolate is manufactured in the restaurant was eventually uncomfortable: the performance was low — no more than 10 orders per day, it was not possible to control the process and timelines — says Andrei. — That is why we have started to invest in their own production, as we could not afford it. "

Among other initial difficulties Andrei calls work with suppliers. "When you buy 10 kg of chocolate and 1 kg of each ingredient, you are looked at as small and insignificant buyer — complains Andrei. — But now, of course, is easier — we buy is 400-500 kg of chocolate and 20-30 kg of each ingredient. "

Own equipment and production enabled the company to increase the volume and return to the corporate segment. Author’s chocolate was very popular as a souvenir — the company bought their logos of chocolate tiles with branded packaging. "Over the week and a half we can make and packaging, and the product," — emphasizes the jib.

Nevertheless, 70% of sales still accounted for ordinary consumers. "People really like to make the product" for themselves ", to dream, — said Andrei. — For example, the average time a user spends on our site — 30 minutes. The next day, after the purchase is framed, we deliver the orders. "

"The model where the buyer himself can" construct "their own meals, has already demonstrated its worth — says a representative of Subway. — Standard product does not fit all: someone does not like some supplements, someone allergic to someone on a diet. Very popular "edible designer" enjoyed by the children. Under this scheme, apart from us, for example, does the new network FastaPasta in St. Petersburg, but in a more low-end segment — "Little-potato ‘."

For chocolate and muesli added another and "macaroon" — cakes that Andrei saw during his travels in Europe. "There’s a coffee shop in any of their 30-35 species have different fillers, different tests — such as cinnamon, coffee, rum," — he explains. Author’s chocolate, muesli and "macaroon" is used about equally popular. According to 35% of sales are for chocolate and "macaroon", 30% — for muesli. But the customers who choose muesli — the highest rate of return. In just a re-purchase of the site back from 35 to 39% of users. In the first six months of sales growth amounted to 70-90%. Now revenue Mixville — More than 1 million rubles a month.

In addition, in six months the company has been able to attract investment from Freeway Ventures in the amount of several million rubles, which also allowed the development of production and partly — in the creation of the retail business and geographical expansion of the business.

Until the end of the year has offices Mixville should open in Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan. And in Kazan, the company will try to themselves including in the retail format. Return on investments of investors Andrei expects to top 2013.

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