Command of the Army did not give up adopting a set of Armour-C1

The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation commented on the newspaper article "News" the alleged failure of the Land Forces Command from adopting anti-aircraft missile and gun system (ZRPK) "Armour-C1."

Anti-aircraft missile and gun system (ZRPK) "Armour-S" into service and is available immediately as troops aerospace defense.In September and October of this year is expected to receive a second party account ZRPK "Armour-C." The main objective of this unit will cover anti-aircraft missile system S-400 "Triumph" on fighting positions from enemy air attack.

Developed as a modification of the complex "Armour-C" for the Army and Navy.

We are working to adapt ZRPK "Armour-C1" under the requirements of combined arms air defense purposes. Upon completion of the complex prototype will be presented to the military tests.

Service testing of the complex has not yet been carried out. Only after they are completed it will be possible to talk about when the complex will come into service the Army.

The current modification ZRPK "Armour-S" is fully consistent with the requirements of armament and military equipment anti-aircraft missile units of the Air Force and Troop Air and Space Defense.

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