Command Post Exercise MES-2012

As part of the All-Russian exercise in Primorye conducted training activities aimed at improving the practical skills of civil defense and tested the willingness of various agencies and services to disaster management.


In the period from 1 to 10 October on the banks of the Amur Bay rescuers and firefighters trained in search of victims, dismantling the rubble, the provision of health care. As part of training were also involved police forces and equipment, emergency services of the city of Vladivostok.







Also on the Amur Bay, you can observe the work of the Russian Emergencies Ministry aircraft. Be-200 ES and AN-74, as well as helicopters Mi-8 and Mi-26 performed various elements used in the rescue of people and emergency situations of natural and man-made disasters. In particular:

· Carrying out aerial reconnaissance and aerial terrain at an altitude of 150 meters;

· Splashdown plane BE-200 emergency unloading boats with lifeguards, rescue people on the water surface;

· Water intake Be-200 aircraft emergencies, inspection area at a height of 30-50 meters and the water discharge;




· Diversion of water and the elimination of the fire helicopters Mi-26 and Mi-8 with different types of spillway devices;

· Evacuation of the affected devices using SLG-300 (cargo winch system) with the vessel in distress;

· Spill oil Mi-8 using the GP-3 (helicopter overhead sprayer)
















· Landing of rescue-dog handlers with dogs;






• construction and troop helicopters and airplanes single column.





The purpose of the exercise — to test the readiness of forces and means that in the event of natural and man-made disasters will be used to ensure the safety of the public




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